SCUM Base building – A glorious waste of time.

It was Friday. Wipe Day. The patch that would bring base building to SCUM.
I invested 18 hours. Chopped wood for well, 16 of them to get enough to build a fence and a door. I then went on to lock the door and called it a night.

Saturday after resting. Logging in finding that I do no longer own the stuff i spent 18 hours on building and I find out some dude with a lockpick was able to completely hijack my entire base turning the 18 hours I spent with joy and expectancy into complete waste of time.

I cannot recommend obtaining SCUM if basebuilding is one of the things you think you enjoy. Because you wont…

SCUM time my friends would ask me?
-To what purpose? is now my answer…



When people say dumb shit…

Last year i had a conversation with a girl about milk. I like milk and quaff a liter in no time. She did not like me drinking milk from cows, because well she felt pity for the cows, and furthermore she put it: “You don´t drink milk from a cat do you?”

I was initially puzzled and thought she was joking. Unfortunately She was serious. I replied, maybe its because cats dont lactate so much and it would take too many cats and would be impractical. She didn´t seem to understand that…

At some other point she claimed there to be no sugar in chocolate, because its 85% cocoa… Yeah well… what do you think the remaining 15 % is? MILK and SUGAR

So here is her logic:
-Its ok to torture cows if the milk is used for chocolate and icecream to cure girl-depression
-It is NOT ok to drink milk from cows because they are tortured
-It is not ok to drink milk from cows because you also don’t drink cat milk.
-It is OK to kill cows and make leather boots of them, then wear the leather boots.
-85% cocoa means 100% no sugar.

Magic The Gathering Arena: An anoying imbalanced game!

Rarely have I played a game that could cause so much anger as MTGA.
You get to turn 5, you have a decent amount of creatures and enchantments on the board.  …..No, you don´t, you see, you are playing against blue and it is his turn to attack. He casts his magic card to take all cards back to your hand and wupti.. You are left with a bunch of lands and everything that just was on your table in front of you appart from lands are now in your hands. The opponent attacks. You can´t block.. Mr. Blue just removed all your creatures. You are dead.

Another game. Round 2. Enemy has 6 creatures 4/4 merfolk that cant be  blocked. You are dead. Good fun. Thank you Mr. Blue.

Another game. Someone manages to get a planeswalker on the table. 3 turns later, if you dont manage to get rid of it, you lost.

Another game: your opponen only has deathtouch creatures, you cant attack him. He casts a planeswalker,  you are dead.

Another game: You have the best deck in the world, RNG decides you only get lands the first 6 turns..

Another game: You have the best deck in the world, you have 7 creatures in your hand and RNG spits out only creatures from your library…

No matter how you build your deck, there is always something out there that can beat it. And its just one single card that often tilts the entire game and there is simply NO way to get around loosing the game if that single card ends up on the table.

There is no requirement for alot of brains in this game, everything is decided by RNG and you either hit the jackpot with RNG or not.

I do not recommend this game. All it does is to create anoyances with bullshit hypercards that just plain and simple ruin the fun. Go play hearthstone instead.

“Don´t bring her.” A thought that leads to pondering.

The time and venue was a pub in my hometown. I was there with a friend and we went to have a beer while waiting to go to a third friends birthday BBQ in a park somewhere close. It was sometime in 2015 late summer.

At some point while standing there, my friends phone rang. It was his ex-girlfriend calling for whatever reason. I not being particularly fond of the girl, thought to myself “Don´t bring her (along for the BBQ red.)”

When the phonecall was subsequently over, he hung up, turned and looked at me saying. “I won´t bring her.”

I asked him: “Why do you say that?” puzzled that he responded so precisely to a thought I just had but hadn´t verbalized.

His response was odd. “You just said that I shouldn´t bring her.”

My puzzledness turned to amazement, I started pondering wether or not I had said it out loud, I was certain I did not.

I laid it out as it was, I had the thought but never said it out loud. He told me that it sounded totally like as I had asked him (with mouth moving and sound coming out) not to bring her.

Quite interesting.

Lyver politiet om situationen i Espe?

Lad os se på det 🙂

Hvis man læser denne artikel finder man følgende underlige oplysning:
– Politiaktionen i Espe fandt sted på baggrund af oplysninger om, at den efterlyste bil havde befundet sig i byen. Det har efterfølgende vist sig at være fejlagtige informationer, som er givet på grund af en defekt på bilens antenne, der har påvirket bilens gps-udstyr. Det ligger således nu fast, at køretøjet ikke har befundet sig i Espe.

Fakta tjekker man lige, om en GPS (reciever) enhed i en bil udsender et GPS signal, vil man finde et rungende NEJ.. Satelitten sender til modtageren i bilen, ikke omvendt. Derfor kan politiet ikke “modtage fejlagtige GPS data fra recieveren i køretøjet.” GPS satelitten ved ikke engang at den sender til enheden da der ikke er nogen “sessions” forbindelse.


Konklusionen må derfor være. Politiet fortæller ikke helt precist hvad der er foregået, eller de anvender dette som en teknisk umulig undskyldning for et fuckup… Jeg ved det ikke. Men det lugter lidt gør det ikke? Er der andre systemer i en volvo som sender noget som helst ud af bilen?

Ja, det er der. Det hedder Sensus Connect. Det kræver et aktivt abonnement, samt et simkort. Der er altså tale om et modem der skal kontakte et 3g data netværk såsom TDC´s mobil netværk. Politiet burde vide at de kan triangulere dette modem via mobilmasterne og på den måde finde bilen. Politiets søforklaring er altså stadig ikke specielt overbevisende… lidt mere om triangulation længere nede. Først kigger vi på storebeltsbroen 🙂

Man kan her se hvor simkortet sidder.

Lidt mere om triangulation længere nede. Først kigger vi på storebeltsbroen 🙂

Storebeltsbroen har et smart system der scanner alle nummerplader. Derfor, ville det være meget let at finde ud af at volvoen ikke er kørt fra sjælland til fyn. Altså, igen en fail fra politiet?

Sådan laver man triangulation 🙂

3 Towers at 

With signal strengths s1, s2, s3

We calculate the weight of each signal. Essentially a number from 0 to 1 for each tower where the sum of the weights adds up to 1.

Weighted signal w1, w2, w3 where:
 w1 = s1/(s1+s2+s3)
 w2 = s2/(s1+s2+s3)
 w3 = s3/(s1+s2+s3)

User will be at
x: (w1 * tx1 + w2 * tx2+ w3 * tx3)
y: (w1 * ty1 + w2 * ty2+ w3 * ty3)


How not to treat a guy… Ever…

I went to the beach with a girl at some point this summer. I had spoken to her, probably 15-20 times before going to the beach. We never had any arguments or negativity between us up until this point. In fact she had been the nicest most polite person I had met in many years.

To name an example of considerate behaviour,: as I kept bumping my head on an overhanging branch whenever i turned around the corner, she put up a device designed to make me not hit my head on that branch. She did not say that was the reason, but I knew she did it because of that. Why did I hit my head on the same branch several times? Should I not have learned? Yes, but I had recently quit heavy cannabis abuse and my short term to long term memory transfer was severely hindered.

Back to the beach..

Her ex-boyfriend suddenly shows up. A guy she had told me wont stop visiting her and wont stop calling her. He had broken up with her long ago. I find it abit peculiar that he finds us randomly at the beach.

Suddenly out of the blue she appears to decide she does not want to go to beach with me ever again. The conversation goes something like this:

Girl: “We do not have to do this again.”
Me: “We do not HAVE to, we can choose to if we want to.”
Girl: “Not even that! Ever!”

I found that behaviour quite harsh and unwarranted. I left without further discussion as I knew it would be futile.

An hour later, she finds me where I live, comes by and kisses me.

I give her the benefit of a doubt that she is not a nasty person, and I do not confront her about her behaviour. It was very outside her normal observed behaviour. As if someone else was guiding her or something. I do not know.

I write a joke to her on FB, she apparantly does not like it. She appears at my home while I am having a friend over and starts to tell me how she dislikes that FB message.
I am puzzled by that behaviour considering I told her about several friends of mine who had a girlfriends who found it required to create scenes before their friends, thusly diminishing the mans masculinity and I also uttered my dissatisfaction about their girlfriends behaviour. I explained how this often happens within NPD/BPD patients who fear abandonment and needs a fuel source to elevate themselves. They use others to do this by devaluating them.

She was quite calm though, she did not yell and scream as did some of the others, and that was the reason I did not confront her about that particular subject of “creating a scene” however, now that she decided we should work out our private issues in public, I made it clear that I did not like the behaviour excerted at the beach. She had no comment to that. When I asked how the boyfriend who she claimed to be running away from, found her, she told me she had written him the location.

Narcissists often use x-boyfriends to get validation as they are unable to validate themselves.

Coincidentially, I had already met another one of her X´s. He was doing some work for her. I find it peculiarly interesting that she brought in old x´s as it would fit the typical pattern of narcissistic behaviour. To use one X or a new person  (me) to create jealousy in the X boyfriend who just dumped her, in order to increase her value so that he would take her back.

At this point, I start withdrawing from the friendship. I hear her complain to a friend about me not dropping by to say hi anymore. How can she be surprised? Whenever I was working on something and she showed up, I no longer paid attention. She noticed that. She stated “oh, you did not notice that I arrived?” My reply was: “no,  you must have snuck up on me.” In reality, I was not waiting for her anymore.

A week later she decided to throw a party for the boyfriend aswell. It was now quite clear to me that this girl is not as authentic as I thought she was.  If you state you dont want to have anything to do with a person, and you do this consistently, but invite them into your home anyway, then there is a certain amount of duplicity. She also found it required to ride the back of two guys, running past me and getting eye contact as if she was saying: “look how popular I am with other guys, aren´t you jealous now?”

No, I was not jealous, I got anoyed and dissapointed in my own taste of women. At least this time, I caught the warning signs. I made it clear to her, that now she was being rejected.

A while later, I regrettet my own decision, thinking it must have been my cannabis withdrawal syndrome playing tricks on my memory/mind, could I have made a wrong decision? No. I didn´t. It was the right call, she is an emotional pit-fall.

During this period, I consulted with three friends. 1 psychologist and 2 doctors. I never gave them her identity. It was just “someone I knew” as I did not want to expose the person. At some point, I tell a friend of hers that I am going to visit a psychologist to talk a few things through. A few minuttes after I arrive in the garden of the psychologist. The friend starts pacing back and forth on the bikepath outside, listening in on our conversation. Amazing…. Third person spying on me. 😀 😀 Crazy.

Behaviour like this is consistent with the “I hate you/don´t leave me” concept of the BPD but also NPD abuse. In other words, it is deeply pathological. Entering a relationship with a person such as this, essentially has a very high risk of being a continual cycle of rejection/acceptance. Even worse, you may even begin to act the same way because such behaviour is what is considered “crazy making” and it definitely is.

BPD´s have a tendency to behave in ways that ensure their own rejection by the people they are affraid of being rejected by. It is, from their perspective better to abandon the other person than risk getting abandoned themselves.

Behaviour such as this manifests due to situations in childhood / teenage years. A triggering factor can be a divorce or loss of loved ones due to death etc. The person just did not get enough attention as a kid.

I kinda felt like I was entering a situation I had been in once before quite many years ago.: LINK

There is a reason Aerosmith went “Crazy”…. because that kinda lovin… brings a man to his knees. That kinda loving ends up becoming the kind that turns a man into a slave.

“That kinda lovin’ turns a man to a slave
That kinda lovin’ sends a man right to his grave
I go crazy, crazy baby, I go crazy
You turn it on, then you’re gone     ####push/pull behaviour.
Yeah, you drive me crazy, crazy, crazy for you baby
What can I do, honey? I feel like the color blue”

Dream Theater seems to have had the same wicked experience:

“She’s not the kind of girl
You hear about
She’ll never want another
She’ll never be without
She’ll give you all the signs
She’ll tell you everything
Then turn around and walk away”
Dream Theater – Hollow Years.

A surprising coincidence on a night walk.

Allright, I admit it, my hometown is not particularly big. However, it is big enough to get lost in.

Once in a while though, odd coincidences happen that fall outside of statistical probability.

I had met a girl at some summer vacation homes she moved in next to me while I was on vacation. I had several good conversations with the person.  I had asked her where she lived, she explained she lived in an appartment complex for young people in my hometown. That left me little clue as to where that actually was specificly. She also never gave me an address, well I did not need it so I did not ask about it. One evening when out walking after having returned from vacation, I walked past a house. I found myself remembering an afterparty 17 years ago in that house and replayed the events in my mind.

While thinking about that incident 17 years ago, I stare at the list of inhabitants  but I do not read the names for a good 10 seconds while replaying the afterpart. To my surprise, I was staring directly at the exact same girls door phone.  It was in fact the only place I had stared the entire time witout realizing it..

I found that abit spooky and hurried away pondering this surprise.

To this day, I still cannot explain exactly why I ended up there. It was definitely not intentional. From my perspective, I had walked randomly  picking random directions. I was puzzled. Was this a so called “Synchronicity” and why? The person was not even on my mind when I walked past the house.. needless to say, this incidence changed that. She was now on my mind.. How often do you meet someone on vacation just to randomly stand before their house a week or two later? It has not happened to me before.

Natural remedy for Sclerosis and other autoimmune diseases

Sclerosis is a not well understood auto-immune disease in which the immune system, and I am generalizing, is attacking the myelinsheating around the axons. If we translate this to electical engineering, it is essentially the same as a wire transmitting electricity. This is a simplification. The wire is insulated with rubber normally. This compares to the m.sheath. As the condition of sclerosis breaks down the “rubber insulator”short cuircuits will appear. In a computer this will lead to erroneous output results that the computer itself is not aware of. In humans, it leads to behaviour that is somewhat outside the regular. It can be healed quite easily by self.

I have compiled a list of natural herbs that can help protect the nerves in co-operation with two doctors M.D.

Vitamin D You get this from the Sun amongst others. Investigate “sungazing”

Omega fatty acids  (Flaxseeds/oil, Chiaseeds, Fishoil, Eggs, fish)

Tumericroot extract  (300 mg Tumericroot extract/Curcumin) 1 cap. 3 times daily
Must be taken in conjunction with black pepper or the curcumin cannot absorbed in the stomach lining. You can read more about this in one of my previous posts.(opens in a new window)

Organicly bound magnesium

CBD Oil 20-40%  1 droplet 3 times daily.

-B-Vitamin combination

-Lipids (Coconut oil)

-Thistle tea

-Apply this diet: (Opens in a new window)


Source: Rune B. Lorentzen, MD, Psychiatry et al.

A normal Friday.

So I went to the beach to meditate abit.

The perfect spot for meditation.

-I walked along the beach and met an elderly nurse who I talked to for a while. She had some grains of wisdom for me. And she was in a place where I could roll a cigarette so I asked if I could join her for a few seconds.

After a while I found Poseidons reef. I started looking for his trident, but it was nowhere to be found.. Gotta go dive for it I guess.. I was deep sea diving wednesday someplace else, but there were just very odd looking fishes and other interesting stuff. Sadly I could not take pictures as I did not have a cam that could film the little buggers :=) we went diving very very deep.

I found a boy and his dad fishing for crabs. Fun father/son activity 🙂

I found a family doing “crab racing” in a wierd contraption.
The crabs would eventually plummet into the sea.

Then I got remided of an bet I made with a girl. She said “It is impossible to grow palmas in Denmark”
If you ever read this Evija G. I proved you wrong 😉 Remember lauric acid and tumeric extract!

Subsequently I met a few old friends, made new ones and found a marching band playing! Awesome! I almost resisted the temptation of playing along 😉


Thanks to Mr. T for the last moment toilet rescue 😀 (Just in time delivery)

At this point, the pathfinder arrow started pointing homewards.  “Come home was the message” I met a neighbour at home whom I had not seen a while and had a brief talk.

Eventually it was time to go for night shift activities at CrossBorder E-sport

How I reduced the amount of toxins I inhale. (Fake joints)

I went from
-an additive filled cigarette to a non additive filled cigarette
-a non-additive filled cigarette with less nicotine to rolling my own “fake-joints” with zero additives, organic paper and organic filter tips. They look like this:


Most cigarettes have additives in them. here are some of their effects.
-They enhance nicotine uptake in the receptors
-They conceal odors in the environment
-They create more addiction.

Read more about the dangers of cigarette additives.: (opens in a new window)