Natural remedy for Sclerosis and other autoimmune diseases

Sclerosis is a not well understood auto-immune disease in which the immune system, and I am generalizing, is attacking the myelinsheating around the axons. If we translate this to electical engineering, it is essentially the same as a wire transmitting electricity. This is a simplification. The wire is insulated with rubber normally. This compares to the m.sheath. As the condition of sclerosis breaks down the “rubber insulator”short cuircuits will appear. In a computer this will lead to erroneous output results that the computer itself is not aware of. In humans, it leads to behaviour that is somewhat outside the regular. It can be healed quite easily by self.

I have compiled a list of natural herbs that can help protect the nerves in co-operation with two doctors M.D.

Vitamin D You get this from the Sun amongst others. Investigate “sungazing”

Omega fatty acids  (Flaxseeds/oil, Chiaseeds, Fishoil, Eggs, fish)

Tumericroot extract  (300 mg Tumericroot extract/Curcumin) 1 cap. 3 times daily
Must be taken in conjunction with black pepper or the curcumin cannot absorbed in the stomach lining. You can read more about this in one of my previous posts.(opens in a new window)

Organicly bound magnesium

CBD Oil 20-40%  1 droplet 3 times daily.

-B-Vitamin combination

-Lipids (Coconut oil)

-Thistle tea

-Apply this diet: (Opens in a new window)


Source: Rune B. Lorentzen, MD, Psychiatry et al.


How I will NOT deviously attempt to quit cigarettes again…

Okay, I made an error of judgement, or lets say, it was a failed experiment. I attempted to quit cigarettes by compensating with candy… What was the result? I slept far longer than I had to and simply could not get out of bed due to tiredness.

I ate 2 bags of candy in no time and an entire plate of organic chocolate…

Essentially, I screwed up my metabolism big time, paid the price by being tired as hell and essentially almost missed a meeting at 11.00. Thankfully I met a “guardian angel” to use that metaphor who randomly (synchronicity) drove by in the exact proper time so that I would arrive at the destination “JIT” Just in time. Thanks Mr. Struck 😉

I gotta find another method I take it. More fruit and veggies 🙂 Thankfully an army of neighbours have allowed me to pick fruit in their garden so I should be just fine 🙂

How I will deviously attempt to take the final step towards quitting cigarettes

-Replace one addiction with a less addictive ones and then quit the less addictive ones in the end.

In my previous article, I wrote how I went from smoking additive filled cigarettes to non-additive filled cigarettes and subsequently lowered the nicotine concentration.
At the same time I quit smoking huge amounts of Hashish. Stopped taking Amphetamines. Stopped drinking too much (even though, I  only drank like 3-6 beers pr. week when a friend dropped by.

I did not consider myself an alcoholic. Some people around me had that misconception which was funny. I used to be a weekend alcoholic, getting drunk each thurs, fri + saturday, but that ended many years ago. I would still go out 1-2 days pr. month, but consuming no where near as much alcohol as I did back in the 00´s

So, to quit cigarettes I will be free to do whatever I want, apart from falling back to alcohol and too much cannabis. I will eat meat if I crave it. I will eat too much chocolate if I crave it. I will eat Ostepops if I crave it. (I loved those) My great granny always had a bowl of those.

Why do I do this? Because I met my twin and what happens to me, happens to her aswell and vice versa. I do not have intentions of messing up our combined lives now that I am 112% certain this stuff (twins) is real. She deserves alot better from now on than what she has recieved in the pats..

Shared karma and shit… complicated stuff. In physics its called “Quantum entanglement”

I wrote something similar a few years ago due to observations I made with a girl I initially believed to be my “twin” but turned out to not be. It was “something else” and I actually dont care what it was it is past, but wierd stuff (from a past perspective) happened between me and her. CG Jung termed them “Synchronicities”

I just did not know that… I only knew about quantum physics… and alot of other stuff.

A normal Friday.

So I went to the beach to meditate abit.

The perfect spot for meditation.

-I walked along the beach and met an elderly nurse who I talked to for a while. She had some grains of wisdom for me. And she was in a place where I could roll a cigarette so I asked if I could join her for a few seconds.

After a while I found Poseidons reef. I started looking for his trident, but it was nowhere to be found.. Gotta go dive for it I guess.. I was deep sea diving wednesday someplace else, but there were just very odd looking fishes and other interesting stuff. Sadly I could not take pictures as I did not have a cam that could film the little buggers :=) we went diving very very deep.

I found a boy and his dad fishing for crabs. Fun father/son activity 🙂

I found a family doing “crab racing” in a wierd contraption.
The crabs would eventually plummet into the sea.

Then I got remided of an bet I made with a girl. She said “It is impossible to grow palmas in Denmark”
If you ever read this Evija G. I proved you wrong 😉 Remember lauric acid and tumeric extract!

Subsequently I met a few old friends, made new ones and found a marching band playing! Awesome! I almost resisted the temptation of playing along 😉


Thanks to Mr. T for the last moment toilet rescue 😀 (Just in time delivery)

At this point, the pathfinder arrow started pointing homewards.  “Come home was the message” I met a neighbour at home whom I had not seen a while and had a brief talk.

Eventually it was time to go for night shift activities at CrossBorder E-sport

How I reduced the amount of toxins I inhale. (Fake joints)

I went from
-an additive filled cigarette to a non additive filled cigarette
-a non-additive filled cigarette with less nicotine to rolling my own “fake-joints” with zero additives, organic paper and organic filter tips. They look like this:


Most cigarettes have additives in them. here are some of their effects.
-They enhance nicotine uptake in the receptors
-They conceal odors in the environment
-They create more addiction.

Read more about the dangers of cigarette additives.: (opens in a new window)

A walk to remember

I was asked three years ago “What is your favorite romantic-drama-movie?”

I replied: “A walk to remember.”

Noone ever asked why.

So here is the answer:

Because of the sheer amount of strenght the guy shows carrying someone to the grave and not running away even though he knows that the girl wont last very long. Even though he loosese all his friends in the process. That is strenght of character. He never gave up and gave her the “perfect” moment. An act of perfect self-sacrifice and compassion for other-self.

It is the “crux ansata” as seen on this pillar. Some call it, the key to life. It means “perfect sacrifice”

In 2014 I met a Doctor  MD who explained to me how patients who lost the will to live would die from their ilnesses, even though they had opportunities to survive had the will been there. He explained to me how that caused great distress in doctors and that it often caused depression in doctors. I understand.

Time to watch the movie again with “different eyes”

crux ansata.jpg

93.24 Questioner: I am assuming that you mean one full question, and I’ll make that question: I’d like to know the significance of the shape of the crux ansata, and if that’s too much of an answer I will just ask if there is anything we can do to make the instrument more comfortable or improve the contact?

Ra: I am Ra. There are mathematical ratios within this image which may yield informative insights to one fond of riddles. We shall not untangle the riddle. We may indicate that the crux ansata is a part of the concept complexes of the archetypical mind, the circle indicating the magic of the spirit, the cross indicating that nature of manifestation which may only be valued by the losing. Thus the crux ansata is intended to be seen as an image of the eternal in and through manifestation and beyond manifestation through the sacrifice and transformation of that which is manifest.

Sclerosis possibly caused by channeling 6d and 4d entities

A sclerosis patient recently asked me for help healing it. I asked if I could look at the metaphysical for a clue, the patient agreed. I described the problem being in this area:


One variable in the equation indicates that the problem could be likened onto channeling without the proper protection from a group.

I am Ra. I am again with this instrument. We are close to initiating a contact but are having difficulty penetrating a certain mental tension and distraction that is somewhat characteristic of this channel. We will therefore describe the type of vibration which is being sent. The instrument will find us entering the energy field at a slight angle towards the back of the top of the head in a narrow but strong area of intensity. We are not able to offer any conditioning due to our own transmitting limitations. Therefore, if the instrument can feel this particular effect he may then speak our thoughts as they come to him. We will again attempt this contact. I am Ra.

I was in an email from LL Research warned to channel this myself due to the “toll” it has on entities in physical complex distortions. I have requested Ra to cease channeling through this entity in an attempt to cease progression of the disease. There was acceptance of this request.

ra channel.JPG
The lower back part is explained by Q´uo in one of the channelings as being on the back of the spine in that exact area. They have also agreed to cease the activity upon conscious request by the entity know as “nobody”

The patient can at any point in time resume channeling by own free will.

Source: llreserach

The next three days

Over the course of the next three days a friend of mine requested help accentuating a protection around the friend and her son. So it shall be done. Tathastu

At the same time a girl i know will listen to the audiofile I provided and get a “clue” about what is going on. Because this is starting to become rather absurd. Scared little child, don´t  you dare to take on the fight? Dive the deep end I dare you..

“Three days grace – Never too late”

Attacked with a knife by my neighbours girlfriend! :/

It was some evening in 2011. I was visiting my neighbours. A couple. The girl had been diagnosed with BPD, I came to understand why that evening…

After some beers and general chit-chat, we came to the topic of her wrists. She had scars from cut up and down both of her arms. Not the right way to do it, should you desire to end your life. She told me: “I know” upon which I replied: “Don’t you find it abit cruel to attempt to communicate your pain like this to others?” “Abit, I could end it now..” “Yes, you have had the ability to end it many times, but you haven´t.”

“I will do it now!”, “Sure”, I said “on one condition. You use my knife. It is really sharp!”
She agreed. The point of making her use a sharp knife was that the cut would be clean instead of jagged edged. It would be easier for the doctors to fix a cut like that later.

It is a lesson to be learned… always cut veggies with a sharp knife… the finger is easier to attach that way 🙂

She ended up threatening me with the knife. I disarmed her with abit of martial arts and pacified her. I called acertive for the boyfriend to take the knife away and as he had sone so I released her and left home.

I Called the police and explained the situation, emphasizing that I did not want her to be jailed, but she needed a lecture that “enough is enough”. The police came and interviewed them, I had already explained my position so they did not need to talk to me. As such she was not arrested, but she was taught a lecture on how not to behave. We call this “Cognitive behavioural therapy”

How Karma got someone killed that I knew

A while ago, I met a homeless guy, his name was Jesper Sørensen.  He was without money and without food, tent and sleeping back. I bought some food for him and eventually got him to a homeless shelter via. someone else so he could be taken care off.

A few days ago he died in police custody in Sønderborg, Denmark due to an overdose.
What happened before that? He tried to poison three of my patients at the local homeless shelter.

The guy in question, Jesper was his name, had been stealing stuff from Sønderborg Kommune prior to being caught by the police. He was stealing “PH Lamps” which are quite valuable in terms of what you call money.

Why did he die in custody of the police is a good question. I do have the answer but I shall remain silent.

What is the learning lecture here? “Don´t fuck around with karma, it is a bitch – A broken promise is the path to exile”