So, I am back!

Yes, I am back… a while has passed, I have moved around abit and found myself being abnormally creative once I leave the bounds of society.

I have been quietly observing the altcoin/bitcoin market and identified a few issues I would like to address. This involves touching a few subjects that I need to refresh personally, and thus use a learning method called “learn with the intention of teaching others” I read the books before, during my studies, but now I have generated a few business models, that unfortunately also brings to attention the inevitable business plan to support your model. Whenever you want investors to invest in your projects, be it via IPO, VC or a third possibility, the investors would want to see a business plan to satisfy their desire to look at numbers. Numbers which simply do not exist in the startup phase of a business. Unless of course you can predict the future..

Thus, we start the next post with some, potentially interesting information!

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