Delegate or sink!

I have been observing a business recently. It is not going too well.
The guy who operates it has one of the biggest hearts I have ever seen. He is god honest and very smart.
However, he is being pushed out of his business by a competitor and former partner.

He knows how to build boats, he knows how to fix stuff. What he does not know is how to run a company.

He is not focusing his core competences, rebuilding boats and cars. That is what he is good at
He is focusing his efforts on marketing, accounting and negotiating deals. Human Resource management is also not his deal.

When he started his company, I am fairly certain, that he wanted to build boats, not the other things that is not his core competences.

He is stubborn though and usually wont listen and keeps bootstrapping. He needs someone at his side who can handle the accounting, the marketing and all the other aspects of businesses. He needs to not know about the issues in the other departments and he needs to focus on building cars and boats well!

“If you chase two rabbits, you will loose them both!”

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