When you start moving forward faster resistance increases.

Don’t take things to seriously when reading this. I use metaphors heavily. But please laugh when you are done reading!

If you walk around and attempt to empower people. Don’t listen to what they are saying, look at what they are doing.

Do you want to know if someone is courageous enough to get out of their comfort zone? Suggest a slight change. If the slight change is committed you know if the person is courageous. “If you want to know the truth about someone, you have to press untill it hurts.” because everybody lies. Actions do not lie. But, be carefull not to break people!

Imagine you notice someone who is really skilled at writing. They write with passion and a fiery heart. You really notice the radiance that is projeted into the writings, the emotions and the thoughts that are awokened. Radical thinking detected! A person with the ability to change the world detected. Radical thinking? How about Natural thinking?

Do you ignore them? Do you like and share all their posts? If you do not, why not? Are you affraid to be labeled as a “stalker” because society seems to decide that if you help other people too much you are a bad person? “If it is too good to be true, it probably is” Bullshit. “With people, fast is slow, slow is fast.” – Stephen R. Covey

If you drive a car, the faster you go the more energy you consume, resistance increases. At some point you go fast enough for resistance to go up in a hockeystick fashion. This is where things are getting really interesting! You need more energy to accelerate. Pedal to the metal! What does a hockey stick tell you in economics? With humans, don’t floor it! You will be sent away.
Each action has an equal and opposite reaction. Be prepared for it. SWOT. There will be reactions, and they are not always positive. They are usually rooted in false perception and wrong values.

If you move forward to fast, resistance will increase. People need to realize their own potential one by one. But if you start writing something and you get 0 likes, most people start getting abit anoyed with that. Write more! Ignore. Who are you writing for and why? Yourself! You are channeling your thoughts into actions.

It is all about equilibrium. In microeconomics this is where two lines cross over. It is all about being in balance with your surroundings. Seek first to understand, then to be understood. Take a chat with the person, see what can be done.

If they do not accept your gift, well, then who does it belong to? It belongs to you.

This article is absolutely incorrect. With the right people, fast is fast, slow is wasted. However, both parties need to be in balance. Balance, what is that? That I will most likely write in a follow up article.

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In reaction to this article How to sacrifice the health of students by running a Dormitory, the following happened
“For each action, there is an equal and opposite reaction” Newtons Third law applies to more than just physics.

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Thank you for proving my point SDU Sønderborg.

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