SWOT market analysis and the relevance for bitcoin / altcoin projects and startups.

swot clean
AngryAdmin sees things you don’t. He is seeing issues in the altcoin community.

If you want your project to succed, you MUST analyze the market. The market being (community) from here on.

Whenever you want to penetrate a market, yes, i know that sounds funny.. I heard snickering about penetration strategies before.
Its a good joke, but it isn’t.

Fact of the matter is, if you do not invest time in getting to know the strenghts, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, you simply wont make it in a competitive market like the altcoin/bitcoin scene.

Do yourself a favor and enlightend yourself on that specific subject.

Internal factors
Blockchain is healthy
Exchange is online
Dedicated experienced workforce

Niche markets
Revamping business model

Lack of capital
Blockchain is not healthy
Exchange is not online
Inexperienced workforce
Slow communication

extermal. (No control)
Competitors established with large customer base.
Regulations and laws.

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3 thoughts on “SWOT market analysis and the relevance for bitcoin / altcoin projects and startups.

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  2. Buying a coffee or some low amount for $20-30, 0 confirmations would be fine as the risk is small and the inconvenience the make the customer wait around 10 minutes is great.

    Medium transactions of $100+ you might want 1-3 transactions, but by then it is pretty safe, and asking someone to wait for 1 transaction in not unreasonable. Think maybe a shoe store, you buy $200 shoes and they ask you to wait for 1-2 confirmation, probably not a big deal.


    • You had to wait 8 months for my answer. Sure, im certain you wanted it right away, but you had to wait for confirmations… how did that make you feel?

      Nobody wants to wait. The outlook to have to wait to leave a store just fucks stuff up. Imagine x-mas, 20 people in que, 19 cannot be served because 1 has to wait 1-2-3-4 confirmations on payment….


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