I am a driver, what are you?

Warning: Metaphors inside.

I drive, I drive with fiery passion. I drive fast but not furious.


Why? Basic Meditation among others.
When the mind is focused on just one thing, there is peace of mind. When you move with 250+ km/h your mind will clear. You will have absolute focus.

130 km’s click away in 36 minuttes.
The gasoline needle is moving… moving is living!

“Set the ball a rolling I’ll be clicking of the miles
Train of consequences, my boxcar life of style
My thinking is NOT derailed, I am NOT tied up to the tracks.
Train of consequences, there is always a way back.”
Source: Megadeth – Train of Consequences with some modifications 🙂

I suspect some of the smartest people in this world are drivers. They just need the right medium to move in and the right motivation.

Pick up your drive, focus on ONE thing, invite the RIGHT people to drive with you – and DRIVE it like a bat out of hell! Deliver your passengers directly to your Project managers.

Apply this to your bitcoin / altcoin / startup projects and you will be meditating while doing it.

“Moving is living” – Ryan Bingham – “Up in the air”

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