The 5th reason your altcoin/bitcoin project will fail.

Heh, consider this.

Imagine you are a programmer for a for a bitcoin project. You manage to get a volunteer entrepreneur/driver to assist you in your venture to conduct real business with the exchange and move it forward faster.

You fail to communicate all the details needed with this entrepreneur because you are busy with alot of other aspects of life. Thus alienating the entrepreneur. Further more, when the Entrepreneur backs out because there is no improvement, and he writes you that on the regular communication chain (I QUIT). The result is, the Entrepreneur quits the team as there is no progress to be made and improvements are impossible. 5 days later you used to have a scheduled meeting with said entrepreneur, and you failed to read the 5 day old message that he actually left the team because there was no communication? Point proven… Programmer does not give a damn about the future of the exchange..

This project won’t make it far.

One thought on “The 5th reason your altcoin/bitcoin project will fail.

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