Want to do something important? Generate and execute some business models! GO!

Hypothetical scenario #1.

Read up on HYSC2 and HYSC3 if you like.

Allright, lets say you found this magic way of creating ice cream. An ice cream so good that you are absolutely sure it will be a big hit. All your friends love it already. However, you need alot of money to get things rolling. You need to research your recipe for improvement possibilities, handle legal issues, banks, governments, permits, equipment, man power….. alot of stuff needs to be adressed.

What would you do? Why not invite all the nice and friendly people you have met the last many years to a “Business modelling brainstorm session” This way you start generating alot of business models for alot of new startups. Execute the most viable business models, find someone who has a huge network of people with diverse skillsets to help you on the HR side. If he puts effort into it, he will get you the right people for the job….

If all goes well, a business will be started. The entrepreneurs then split the company in equally big parts. 1 Part for each involved player, and delegates control to a board of directors or a CEO.

Since you have so many friends, alot of businesses can be created this way within a short amount of time. Yielding each entrepreneur shares in many different companies at once. This is called “redundancy” in IT. We use more than 1 server to do 1 task, thus if one fails the others can keep running the show. Show must go on, always!

How about trust issues? They won’t be required. The invited parties are all good hearted people and you know them well. Furthermore contracts will be drafted to ensure each and everyone gets his or her fair share.

How will all this be funded? It will. the Ice cream is too good to be true. Include it in the brainstorming session. You got the brains collected in one room, use them! The brains have networks themselves, they will use them if your ice cream is good enough.

In 1 year, it should be possible to generate at least a business a month, from brainstorm to business model, to analysis to execution, division to delegation. Everything is possible if you have the motivation!

You can now use your newly formed super-team of entrepreneurs to support your Ice Cream startup. You will most likely have all the funding you need for your research and refinement of your ice cream recipe, you can funnel it in from the other businesses. Moreover, the final company will also be split into equal parts amongst everyone. All for one, one for all!

It is all about bringing the right people into the bus and bring them to the business model brainstorm session. If they like your prototype ice-cream, they will probably want a free ticket for the rest of the ride.


2 thoughts on “Want to do something important? Generate and execute some business models! GO!

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