The goose and the golden egg. How NOT to run a pizza shop!

I just had an experience similar to Stephen Coveys “Clam Chowder” story which lead on to think about the goose and the golden egg as explained in Franklin Coveys story at the bottom of this post.

I have been visiting a Pizza shop the last 5 months, the first time I was there I was blown away by the quality of the pizza I was presented. Then 2nd one i got was also okay, but not as good as the last one, but definitely not bad!

So, 2 months pass by, a friend invites me to dinner, we eat and I feel stuffed after just a few bites. My body just refuses to consume more of the food. I forcefully eat it, well knowing that I do need food to survive. My stomach survived.

Thinking that the previous visit was what I would call an “descrepnancy”, we go there again hoping to get the same quality as the first time. Loyal customers… Hmm..

We order a dish containing: 4 chicken shashlik, frenchfries, humus salad and some kind of bread. Futhermore we order a pizza with kebab and beef.

What we get is a disaster. The humus is decisively ROTTEN. I take one bite and suddenly I feel like I have to throw it away..

The pizza is a disaster, I can clearly see the emotions my friend, who is eating the pizza, is going through. He is NOT satisfied at all! He usually eats an entire pizza, but this time, 3/4’s of it remains on the place.

I ask the owner, are you closing this place down? What happened to the quality we were used to?
He starts telling me how his son made the humus and that he sometimes makes it with “alternative” recipes.

The salad was slightly golden, meaning not really fresh. The chicken was proven to be fresh though, and I suspect it was okay because that was about the only thing I could eat on the plate.

The french fries or “freedom fries” if you want, were noticeably cooked in old oil. I wonder if they are using gutter oil for the french fries.

Starting to get slightly anoyed I start opening my eyes and inspect the walls abit closer. Dirt everywhere. I seek around the corners of the pizzashop and find a heap of dead flies in the corner of the kitchen…..

I will never go there again!

Do not run your business like this! Someone has slain the goose to reap the golden egg. Your health is at stake. Protect it!

This shop will be closed, I predict by February 2015.

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