Want to start a big business? Gather mass and momentum, then focus!

Hypothetical Scenario #2

You found a really good ice cream recipe, all your friends love it, but it is missing just one thing to be in perfect balance.
You need to do alot of research before you can commence your startup dream and find that one ingredient that will make your ice cream cooler than itself.

The Driver
So you think you can drive? Well, then drive!
Get into your car, pick up alot of people with extremely diverse skillsets and deliver them to your project manager.

Who is riding shotgun?
Your project manager will be riding shotgun untill you arrive at the location we from now on decide to call “Brainstorm Session HQ” (BSHQ)

At the BSHQ you unleash the potential of all the involved passengers in one big brainstorm session on how to create a sustainable business model, raise capital for research on your perfect ice cream recipe and the usual suspects like legal, accounting and so on. Remember to include such important aspects as your initial IT system. Don’t leave out the legal issues such as the NDA that everyone will already have sigened plus the contracts that ensure that each person gets what he deserves.

Business Model generation
Next generate a visual overview over your core business using Alexander Osterwalders Business Model generation canvas, and quickly read his new book, “value proporsition design”

The market research
Do your SWOT
Check some statistics (will be written eventually)
Figure out how big your market is, who your target customer is. You will need all of this data for this. You need to figure out why your customer will want to buy your product.

The dreaded business plan
Yes, you will need one, if you need outside investors they want to see what you are up to. They want to see numbers and statistics relevant for your startup.

Crowdfunding, Investors, Venture Captial?
Eventually someone might come up with an idea for a potential investor, when that happens each and everyone will focus on one thing. How to negotiate and agreement with this investor to ensure that they are on board the bus for the next and final step.

Hopefully you do not intend to kill anyone and thus you should focus on executing the plan and implement the business model into the real world.

Divide the resulting company into previously agreed on shares.

Find a decent manegerial CEO with leadership ability and delegate control.

Erase and rewind.
You now take your bus full of people and drive them back to BSHQ before they become bored and wander off. Why not learn from previous projects that the team worked on The next project is just around the corner. The driver knows the way.

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