When houdini returns, he is a man on a mission.

I apologize up front if I accidently neglect some of you the next 6 years. A heavy project has landed on my shoulders and it came out of the blue. I WANT THIS! This means an unhealthy amount of work will have to be conducted.

It concerns official and very important medical research. At the end of the line are “Products” they must be prototyped and developed during the medical research phase, and finally manufactured and distributed.

Between here and there is ALOT of unknowns still, but I have been and will continue to give you the breakdown of what it takes on my blog. That is the reason I resumed writing. At least it became the reason all of a sudden. It used to be to teach bitcoin/altcoin world business terminology and best practices. Focus has shifted. That means I will research all the unknowns and to aid memory retention, present the data i gather with the intention of teaching.
(why phd students teach undergrads)

Due to the nature of the project, I can not reveal specific details unless you are under a Non-Disclosure agreement
Read more about NDA’s: ARTICLE HERE

I cannot talk about any of the details before I meet you IN person. I cannot write you about it and you will find me highly secretive.

You may find me abnormally unresponsive, and my thoughts may wander of our conversation. This project is important, for all of us. Thus please bear with me if I sometimes fail to listen empathicly. If your issue is serious enough I WILL listen, but small-talk is not part of serious issues.

There will be alot of (not important for the project) things that I will STOP doing consistently. Some of you will notice behavioral patterns change. Don’t worry, I am not depressed, quite the opposite!

I am picking people up as I go along and detect weaknesses in the HR department. I have already proactively started talking to some of you for the preliminary round. So that when the project launches, I wont have to start searching for people! I have alternative Human Resource and recruitment techniques, I observe what people do, I do not listen to what they say. If I approach you, I have seen you and you are a valid candidate.
Please feel free to bring a CV to a meeting anyway should you be one of the lucky ones that made it through the first round. Read more about “The Driver”: ARTICLE HERE

So far I have talked to 25 people in 7 days. I will continue to do so, untill I reach “critical mass”. Read more about that specific idea here in the 3 scenarios presented underneath.

If you have a business idea, or an existing business that might need some help from people who are more qualified to do so than yourself, please approach me with your idea. I will NDA up and not disclose more than you want me to when discussing your ideas with others. This means you can sue me if I fail to commit to this promise.

I have three scenarios ready which will be decided upon by a Project board that I will assemble. This project board will oversee the operations of the Project managers that will be found within the next two months aswell.

Please take your time to read these 3 hypothetical scenarios which are actually exactly about this project and not about Ice-Cream. Ice-cream is just a cover story for the real topic.

Scenario 1


Scenario 2


Scenario 3


I am in WHATEVER IT TAKES MODE. “You cannot do that” is the wrong kind of support and will be ignored.

So, that was heartfelt, now onwards! First things first: We need a reliable IT hosting solution to accomplish all of this.

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