VMware: So much for migrating vm’s from 4.1 to 5.5

host1: vsphere 5.5
host2: vsphere 4.1
vcenter version: 5.5
Mission: Migrate running vm’s of host2 to host1 then reinstall host2 with vsphere 5.5

Is that possible? NO! Why? Because VMware dropped compatibility!


So what do we have to do? Install a third host with vsphere 5.0, migrate from host2 to host 3, then reinstall host 2 with 5.5 then migrate vm’s from host 3 to host 2, sell host3 as we never wanted 3!
Or, alternatively Shut down the running vm’s copy them with third party tools like Trilead vmexplorer… Which takes ages!

What level of usability are you attempting to reach? Right now you are at -10 on a scale from 1 to 100…

Stop screwing over your customers… Now that we have to do alot of manual labour and a shittonne of wait time to copy thin proviesioned 500gb VM’s, we might aswell migrate them directly to Citrix XEN server and avoid further lack of support from the company we pay insane amounts of money for licensing!

Merry Christmas to you too VMware! Herafter Abbreviated VirtualMalware

One thought on “VMware: So much for migrating vm’s from 4.1 to 5.5

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