Covey’s time management matrix meets Cialdini’s Influence

This is largely how I manage my time. If you have any comments, let me know. It is a constant reminder of how to act.

“The 7 habits of highly effective people” Stephen R. Covey

6 mistakes entrepreneurs make with their initial IT-Infrastructure.

So you had this great idea to start a company. You don’t know where to start and all you have at present time is your laptop.

Hold it right there! This is not going to work. Were you not going to start a company that would grow in size?

Don’t let your IT limit you.
-Customer relationship management
-Human resource management
-Document handling
-Supply chain management
-Cloud backup
-storage subsystems.

Are you going to do this in excel? Then copy a backup manually to a USB stick? How about dropbox? It was hacked before, so that is surely a safe bet!

How are you going to share this data with your employees should you get some, and that is your plan right? You do want a business that is in continual growth right? That requires employees.

Get the correct IT-hardware.
There is no such thing as overdressing in your IT-environment. You need redundancy, you need your systems online 24/7 even if some of the hardware you have obtained is failing. If the IT-system is down it is bad for your business. Ask yourself, what does 1 day of downtime cost?

Refurbished HP or IBM servers are the way to go. Stay away from Dell, they make servers from Hell! Actually everything they make is crap. Fujitsu servers are usually made of plastic and I am not a particularly big fan of their servers either.

Stay away from Fujitsu laptops aswell, they are horrible! Get Lenovo/IBM those guys know what they are doing and their products are very reliable.

You can get 6 refurbished servers for the price of 1 new server. They use more power, but you can distribute your data onto several servers. Your applications will be run by 2 or more servers simultaneously. Should one physical server fail, there is failover. If you bought 3 servers, well then you still have 2 and the failed one can stand there for another week untill the IT-guy comes by and replaces it. The server can be replaced in a matter of minuttes all the while the remaining IT-infrastruture supports your business and you work like nothing ever happened.

ZFS – Next gen. system!
On the storage side. Use ZFS or waste time and money!

You want value adding IT infrastructure? For small and medium and even large businesses there is no replacement for ZFS. ZFS can not grow in # of disks in an array, which we from now on will call a pool of disks, however, you can replace 1 existing drive at a time with a bigger drive, when all drives in the array have been replaced one by one, with bigger counterparts the available dataspace will increase automatically.

So, as an example, a customer has a 6 drive server. 6x1TB disks, Raid6 yielding 4 TB available place.

The customer runs out of space. What do you normally do? You buy a bigger server or replace all 6 drives at once with bigger ones and now you have to copy data for several days……. NONO! That is not how you do it!

You take out ONE of the 1TB drives and replace it with a bigger 4TB drive and wait for the pool to sync ONLY the data that was on the original 1TB drive. This is fast.

When disk one is synched you replace the next drive in line and continue untill all 6x1TB drives are out of the server and there are now 6x4TB drives. No downtime, no nothing and the pool will automatically expand in size to 16TB total space.

I actually wonder why this is not the default filesystem in all hosting centres around the world.

Need even more space? You can create nested pools (nested raid) and add pools to pools to create bigger pools.

What is the coolest thing about all this? You do not need dedicated hardware raid controllers to use ZFS. ZFS is quick and efficient. If you really need alot of speed, get ALOT of disks. With ZFS you can Create a Raid6e type of system with 3 redundant disks. At this point, 4 drives would have to fail simultaneously before you loose any data. Data synching is ultra fast aswell compared to regular raid systems. They usually need to resynch the entire array in order to continue functioning after a disk has been replaced. This is terrible on the performance side 🙂

With ZFS, data is always consistent on write.

Please watch this video before implementing any storage subsystems anywhere in your organization:

Get the correct software.
As mentioned above, alot of business activities can be handled in software systems designed specifically for that purpose.

Get a full blown ERP system, they can be obtained for free. I personally have been using Odoo.

Odoo is scalable and can handle very large amounts of users, data, projects, accounting… everything you need.

Odoo is free and is now released in version 7.0
Odoo slide1

Pay the right price
IT-companies want to make money, I do not think that is a secret. You very often pay way too much for their services.
If you go with open source software you will remove the largest price-tag of your system.

Do backup! Repeat, DO BACKUP!
5 years ago, I attended entrepreneurial ventures. People had this funny idea that they do backup on USB sticks and services such as dropbox. This requires repetitive manual actions that you will not do! I know you won’t – you know you won’t so stop lying to yourself and get a proper backup solution before you start crying.

Real men do make backup’s, they don’t want to have to deal with their wife if the holiday or family photos vanish because you forgot to copy them to your USB stick

I can recommend Ahsay Offsite backup. You can install it on minimum hardware and have the data replicated from your in house server to your “home server” and a 3rd server at your parents house. That way, should your company burn to the ground you have 2 other locations where all your data is stored. All the operating systems you normally use and the applications are also backed up. Restoring a system like this takes hours, not days. All it requires is new hardware and you are good to go.

Data is encrypted with Ahsay so they are safe from theft aswell. Just do NOT forget your encryption key. There is NOTHING we can do for you if that happens.

Make sure to test your backup often. If you think you are backing up but you are really not, that would be catastrophic.

Create an IT-strategy.
With the above tools in hand, it is time to create a structure in your chaotic amounts of data. Your IT-Guy will be able to assist you with that. He knows how to handle data and how to store it effectively. At least he should!

If you are not consistent about where you save your data, documents, contracts, contact data etc.. then your employees will have a hard time obtaining the required information, this slows down your business. Don’t let that happen.

If you need advice on what kind of system would suit your need, please feel free to write me a comment.


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Delegate or sink!

I have been observing a business recently. It is not going too well.
The guy who operates it has one of the biggest hearts I have ever seen. He is god honest and very smart.
However, he is being pushed out of his business by a competitor and former partner.

He knows how to build boats, he knows how to fix stuff. What he does not know is how to run a company.

He is not focusing his core competences, rebuilding boats and cars. That is what he is good at
He is focusing his efforts on marketing, accounting and negotiating deals. Human Resource management is also not his deal.

When he started his company, I am fairly certain, that he wanted to build boats, not the other things that is not his core competences.

He is stubborn though and usually wont listen and keeps bootstrapping. He needs someone at his side who can handle the accounting, the marketing and all the other aspects of businesses. He needs to not know about the issues in the other departments and he needs to focus on building cars and boats well!

“If you chase two rabbits, you will loose them both!”

When you start moving forward faster resistance increases.

Don’t take things to seriously when reading this. I use metaphors heavily. But please laugh when you are done reading!

If you walk around and attempt to empower people. Don’t listen to what they are saying, look at what they are doing.

Do you want to know if someone is courageous enough to get out of their comfort zone? Suggest a slight change. If the slight change is committed you know if the person is courageous. “If you want to know the truth about someone, you have to press untill it hurts.” because everybody lies. Actions do not lie. But, be carefull not to break people!

Imagine you notice someone who is really skilled at writing. They write with passion and a fiery heart. You really notice the radiance that is projeted into the writings, the emotions and the thoughts that are awokened. Radical thinking detected! A person with the ability to change the world detected. Radical thinking? How about Natural thinking?

Do you ignore them? Do you like and share all their posts? If you do not, why not? Are you affraid to be labeled as a “stalker” because society seems to decide that if you help other people too much you are a bad person? “If it is too good to be true, it probably is” Bullshit. “With people, fast is slow, slow is fast.” – Stephen R. Covey

If you drive a car, the faster you go the more energy you consume, resistance increases. At some point you go fast enough for resistance to go up in a hockeystick fashion. This is where things are getting really interesting! You need more energy to accelerate. Pedal to the metal! What does a hockey stick tell you in economics? With humans, don’t floor it! You will be sent away.
Each action has an equal and opposite reaction. Be prepared for it. SWOT. There will be reactions, and they are not always positive. They are usually rooted in false perception and wrong values.

If you move forward to fast, resistance will increase. People need to realize their own potential one by one. But if you start writing something and you get 0 likes, most people start getting abit anoyed with that. Write more! Ignore. Who are you writing for and why? Yourself! You are channeling your thoughts into actions.

It is all about equilibrium. In microeconomics this is where two lines cross over. It is all about being in balance with your surroundings. Seek first to understand, then to be understood. Take a chat with the person, see what can be done.

If they do not accept your gift, well, then who does it belong to? It belongs to you.

This article is absolutely incorrect. With the right people, fast is fast, slow is wasted. However, both parties need to be in balance. Balance, what is that? That I will most likely write in a follow up article.

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In reaction to this article How to sacrifice the health of students by running a Dormitory, the following happened
“For each action, there is an equal and opposite reaction” Newtons Third law applies to more than just physics.

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How to sort people the natural way, move forward faster, conduct marketing and behavioral research all at once

Take this post with a grain of salt. It is highly overexagerated and is dedicated to inspire IT guys in the bitcoin / altcoin world to study up on the topics I touch. Exageration improves understanding some say… lets just go with that 🙂

When you walk you create positive resonate, but only if people know you are coming.

In nature cat’s sneak up on their prey and surprise it. Surprises in nature creates anxiety. A negative surprise creates negative reactions.

In nature, if you walk behind a horse you should make tremendous amounts of noise so the horse does not get scared when you are suddenly behind it. It will kick you for not respecting its space! A cat making noise is not dangerous to a horse, thus it wont kick you, the horse knows you are there it can move away if it is wants to. “Look deep into nature and you will understand things better” – Albert Einstein.

When you walk, you should wear shoes that make the halls echo, it will make men turn around to see the woman in high heels. It will be highly entertaining to see their dissapointment if you are a man. Now they know you am coming, they will get out of your way, they won’t slow you down. Wear red aswell. Use obnoxious colors. It signals power. If you look up in Cialdini’s book “Influence.” we are operating within pre-programmed parameters. If you walk fast, you are probably busy. Intelligent people are always busy. Get out of the way. “Lead, follow or get out of the way.” – Steve Blank

However, once in a while, create a ripple. Get out of your comfort zone and fly!
How do you think this guy felt when he out of the blue walked the halls of the local university. Entered the Canteen in prime time and created ripples? I know how he felt.. I did it.. Why? Because noone shall tell me what I cannot do! Whatever gets the job done! Prove them wrong! No make up, all natural 🙂 Someone made an error in judgement when claiming that I would not be able to wear this outfit on a regular week day. I used the outfit for a halloween event a week prior. I used the attention to attract students to help me and a doctor in an entrepreneurial venture to create a more natural way of fighting depression and anxeity.

Wear loud shoes, wear red, create ripples!

Those who do not get out of your way will attempt to be in your way. Not just now, also in the future. Notice who moves, notice who freezes in place. Pay attention to your surroundings. There are wolves out there and there are sheep out there. SWOT analyze your surroundings. Identify strenghts weaknesses opportunities and threats.

They will all be thinking “who the hell are you and what are you doing here?” You got their attention, use it! When you have such impact there will be questions, prepare for them. If you are affraid to be looked upon, you won’t change the world. All you really are doing is marketing.

Apply PRINCE2 strategies to control your environment. If you do not control your environment, you cannot manage it properly. Do this in life, do this in your entrepreneurial venture. Be consistent about it but remember to take the occasional break and wear some silent shoes 😉 Plan-Delegate-Monitor-Control.

Imagine yourself in a bar you frequent. You know everyone within a few minuttes. You have identified potential threats to the environment. You know who is too drunk and should drink less. You know who has the potential to create issues. You are a hawk you see everything you know peoples intentions because you know the way people are programmed. With no threats detected, get wasted, but be prepared to become sober in a second and take action. Control your environment, make it safe for everyone, it will resonate and people will drop an electron and become positive 🙂

These behavioral traits are mentioned in the diagnostic manual for mental disorders. It goes under “anxiety” This is not anxiety, this is natural instinct to protect your environment from outside negative influence. You could also be classified as having a narcisistic personality disorder. That is just ignorance. People do not understand you. Go lead, don’t let silly small men in white coats keep you down.

“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.”  Eleanor Roosewelt.

Guess what category shrinks are in, they forgot to look deeply at nature. They are ignoring nature and thus they make mistakes. They are looking with hyperfocus on only one limited subject. Which according to their own writings is a a warning sign for many mental diseases. Besides, they probably want to make money on selling you medicine that terminate your natural instincts.

I think people should watch this video and understand that perspective abit better.