Wicked things are happening in the Capital of Denmark

Heuristics, pattern recognition and the application on humans.

Deciding whether or not someone is actually a good or bad person
depends on inputs derived from sensory inputs and experience.

If you walk into a club and you see someone you like/dislike, there
are a set of rules that govern your decision on whether or not
this person is a good/bad person. Maybe he/she is both at times and
operates like the artists described in my theory.

Imagine you go to a dorm and you sense that it is filled with good people and absolutely no rotten eggs amongst them. Here we are dealing with nothing more than random events. At least that is what the books are telling us. However, “opposites attract” and good and good never go well together unless they are both balanced and in synch with themselves. It will break apart unless a common denominator is keeping them together. Thus we are dealing with a deviation. As Stephen R. Covey puts it: “You cannot be effective with anyone if you are not effective with yourself” What he means is, you need to know yourself, accept who you are before you can accept other people for who they really are. A cluster of datapoints seem to have been found. A cluster perfectly suited for project Unity.

Imagine you go to a casino, the roulette falls in the following pattern, R for red, B for black.

The sequence is as follows: RRRBBBBBBBBB what are the odds the next result will be another Black?

Unless there is structure in this randomness, it would be 50%

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