A positive shopping adventure

Awesome shopping experience. It almost made me cry… from laughter. Well, it did.

I go to the local grocery with the intention of buying some vegetables for dinner. I stumble upon 1,2kg fresh chicken and put that into my basket. 2 liters of very innocent juice and some potatoes. I then park the basket close to the vegetable row. I walk to the fruit section, pickup some saland and check the pinje for ripeness, no go, the leaves were all stuck, no pineapple for me I grab some banana’s and dump it in to my basket (in reality someone else basket) together with the salad and additional avocados.

Suddenly some woman comes to me randomly saying, “I think we swapped basket” I look into “my” (her) basket, then at the other basket. Hmm, are you sure? There was alot of stuff in the basket that she claimed to be mine that I did not recognize, but then she mentioned the chicken. I take my salad, my avocado and my banana’s and put em in my real basket. She takes out a bag of some vegetables. But something was wrong, ALOT of other vegetables had found their way into MY basket. She managed to put 4-5 items in my basket aswell before noticing the mistake. Imagine if we had both gone to the clerk and started paying wondering.. “hmm, when did I put this into the basket” and “Where did my Chicken go?” had we not noticed the whole dilemma up front.

So we made a double mistake at the same time. I was laughing so hard at the whole situation, how two people could be so distracted at the same time. She was abit shy about the whole situation, but after seeing me laugh and point at both our baskets explaining the improbablity of the situation she had to laugh aswell. Maybe mother nature is trying to tell me that I should continue my dietary changes (which includes more veggies and less trash)

Excelent start of the weekend! 

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