Treatment of alcohol poisoning

The following occoured in Sønderborg, Denmark Saturday 28th of February 2015 between 2:30 and 2:55

Fantastic to see how a guy took charge over a situaton yesterday regarding a person with alcohol poisoning. Straight from the book, the guy controls the environment and prevents too many people from forming a crowd. The guy works at a bar in town and is a hero in my eyes 🙂 Respect!

I call 112 (911) to ask for an ambulance as the condition of the person warrants a trip to the hospital. We were unable to empty her stomach for the alcohol she had ingested within the last 20 minuttes due to her nearly comatose state. That needs to get out before it enters the bloodstream. (Udpumpning) This procedure (udpumpning) was used very oftenly back in the 90’s. The alcohol still in the stomach (not in the blood yet) would be pumped out to avoid further poisoning. However, due to the costs involved in treating the patients, this procedure was scrubbed.

The people present did the only one thing that could save her life at that moment. They put her into recovery position so she would not suffocate should he be able to vommit by herself. However, she was not able to vommit by herself, we had to trigger her gag reflexes to get the alcohol out, that occoured when someone put two fingers into her mouth to trigger the gag-reflexes. Thankfully it worked partially but not enough. Soon froth started to appear around her mouth and she became more and more catatonic

I call 911, after having spent 30 seconds-1 minutte on explaining the whole situation I was transfered to a nurse. The nurse arrogantly explained that triggering her gag reflexes is completely the wrong thing to do, we just have to wait for an ambulance. Well, yes, she would most likely have died inside the ambulance or at the hospital, because the previously mentioned stomach pumping procedure has been removed from the list of possible solutions. As you can read here: it is a commonly used method of treatment for alcohol poisoning. The reason for that is absolutely logical.

Alcohol when ingested takes around 20-30 minuttes to exit the stomach and enter the bloodstream. You can read more here about this here:

As such, the people taking care of her saved her life. Good things come to good people and brings tears to my eyes to see that some people are still willing to take action and care for someone else.

After having called 911, (having an argument where the nurse gave the wrong advice, do NOT stick fingers in hands, because she did not expect the heroes to have already put her into resting position to prevent choking, because who is the common layman to know anything about medicine? The whole conversation had to take 3 minuttes before she finally decided to avoid negotation and send an ambulance) expecting the ambulance to be stopped by the massive amount of people on a day out, I started walking to the other end of town to see if I could find someone policemen to clear a path for the ambulance should it drive that way. I find another ambulance after walking aprox. 30 seconds. I ask them if they have room for another patient with the above symptoms. They say no, we are not allowed to due to rules and regulations. It must be extremly depressive for the ambulance crew to be constricted so much by the rules that they cannot go help out someone on the cold ground outside a bar. However, the ambulance arrived from the other end, Apparantly it had a good driver. (I am used to ambulances and firetrucks not being able to find their way so we have always been instructed to go find them and lead them to the location) Kudos to the driver of the 2nd Ambulance, well done Mr Driver!

All bars should have emergency heat blankets (space blankets) in sufficient quantities for them to be able to take care of the people they have participated in selling alcohol to. Responsibility for actions is the name of the game. I think I need to have a chat with a bar owner. If a bar is a safe-place for customers, they will enjoy coming there. However, if they do nothing, the crowd will notice and avoid your bar. Drink with respect, sell alcohol with respect for other peoples lives.

People are so affraid to act because of restrictive regulations. However, people are becomming more and more responsible and can actually take care of other people without the need for professional guidance. The internet and the requirements for medical training have enabled regular people to help each other out. That is a threat to the professionals and their jobs though. It’s all about the money.

How to deliver alot in your 10 second elevator pitch

Warning Sarcasm inside.

Well, the solution is simple. Just drink 3 pints of coffee like I did today and vupti, you will speak faster and move faster (mostly due to excess caffeine making you Wobble like a star)

People will be mindblow by the amount of information you can deliver in 10 seconds, they will understand nothing as their minds will be reeling and think you are really smart. Even when that is not really the case. So, elevate your cup of coffee and go pitch 😀

PS: You might start stuttering while drinking this much coffee. I have noticed that oddity in myself. Probably because the increased speed, you might stumble over words. Also, 3 pints is an exaggeration.

Interesting Taoist quote

“Fearing that none of you would understand, they [The buddahs] gave it the name Tao, but you must not base any concept upon that name. So it is said that “when the fish is caught the trap is forgotten.” When body and mind achieve spontaneity, the Tao is reached and universal mind can be understood. In former times, men’s mind were sharp. Upon hearing a single sentence, they abandoned study and so came to be called “the sages who, abandoning learning, rest in spontaneity.” In these days, people only seek to stuff themselves with knowledge and deductions, placing great reliance on written explanations and calling all this the practice.”

In Chu ChĂĄn pp. 42-43

Sounds like “data compression/decompression” to an IT guy like me. a zip file that was unpacked and the data inside became available. Quotes of great “people” form a greater meaning and issentially the zip file of compressed data. Instantly they understand the world better and rush to reflect on the data accumulated, exactly like in my theory where I write about how they seek isolation. Chinese “I Ching” has something to do with this I believe.

According to other sources, they archieved this “suddenly” or spontaneusly. It was not possible to decompress zip files on purpose. (wu-hsin) (wu-nien)