The Cure for depression and bipolar disorder

This Theory is under constant revision when new information is unlocked.

The Brain

Looking at the plasma cell membranes in the Brain we know already from current research that:

A resting membrane potential can be measured at around -70 millivolts

What would happen in a normal brain, such like yours and mine, is that there is a diffusion of NA+ and K+ accross the cell membrane towards the lower concentration of NA+ and K+ in the dendrites. This happens in the gated ion channels between ICF and ECF by diffusion.

If you however increase/decrease the frequency to match the resonance frequency of the mechanical ion gate by converting electrons to waves (Wave-particle duality) in the axons or inducing it from an external source such as sound, ultrasound, EM, microwaves, externally applied current (latter being used in electroshock therapy and electron exitation it will cause resonance in the Ion gates and you will change the viscosity and create something normally called liquefaction by geologists. Doctors will understand this translation of the same concept. This happens partially when you hear music you like. The frequencies resonate down through the axons and essentially push the gated ion channels, causing them to resonate, turn to a non-solid, behave according to fluid dynamics, open and cause what we percieve as a joyfull experience. Through inverse diffusion via capilary action in non-metal.

Liquefaction is where you change a solid to a non-liquid, so that the previously solid object will behave according to fluid dynamics. This means that you can pump NA+ and K+ without energy against the regular flow of diffusion (Capilary action). This could potentially create a positive feedback loop of ever increasing potential. So, emotions can be quantified, altered and changed. It all depends on the frequency and the amplitude of the curve induced to allow the capilary action to take place against the regular flow of diffusion in the ion gates to the braincells. Resonanse also induces a force on neighbouring braincells, essentially activating them. F=m*a, which is Newton’s Third Law. Thus activating more braincells, improving memory. If resonance is not induced the gates simply do not open and the memory cells go down to resting potential of -70mv

Theoretically, if we are able to create a positive feedback loop in the brain by inducing the correct resonance frequency, it should be possible to change the frequency of a Bi-polar patient from slow cycling to rapid cycling.

In theory it should be possible to adjust the curve above to this:

Psychological classification of above waveforms.
Slow Cycling= Bi-polar
Fast cycling = BPD/NPD
No cycling = Blunted affect
Hypomania = Workaholic

The Fear
The fear is a failsafe build into our programming to prevent us from doing what we today, due to social constructs, would consider stupid or dangerous. The failsafe could have been imbedded into our programming by keeping man and woman appart. Man and woman has since “Adam and Eve” been unable to live together in perfect unity. Fear is the reason for that and it is our failsafe. Fear is completely based on social constructs.

However, Otto Rank figured this out back in the 1920’s and since then, things have been changing rapidly.

Begin reading here:

The Buddah’s knew this aswell and were unreactive to any input positive or negative so that they would be in “balance” no cycling. Today we call this state “Blunted affect” One could argue it must have been a life without smiles.

The conclusion
##addendum May 2018
or the final chapter in the x-mas calendar: Chapter 24 is the solution

If we manage to induce this resonance we can regulate emotions without medicinal companies screwing up the rest of the system with toxic chemicals. Music is already doing it to us. When we hear what we personally percieve as joyfull or good music, you induce the resonance and turn happy 🙂



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