Feeling the presence of darkness.

Well, today I was sitting at my usual office location at the local university. Suddenly a guy walked past me, I felt a certain sting around the heart when he walked past me. I did not pay much attention to it untill one of the employees at the university asked me if I had seen a guy walking past here.

I describe the 6 people who walked past my table, I usually don’t miss a thing when I sit there, I sit there, because I am observing behavioural patterns amongst others.

He, the guy in question, had apparantly been quite rude towards some of the employees at the canteen. He had supposedly thrown around with some items and thrown swear words at them.

Not entirely nice behaviour. I still had the feeling around my heart so I told the SDU assistant prof. that I could “feel” that he is still close. Sure enough he came back aproximately 30 seconds after I had released that comment..

The SDU employee was abit surprised when the guy walks into the room.

It turns out he was drunk, and aggressive. Apparantly negativity emotions in certain people makes my heart go crazy… Kinda funny. And also not funny! Not that he can actually touch my heart…


The cure for syphilis and remedy for other STD’s

I recieved a message from a reader. The reader was not particularly happy about having recieved an STD called Syphilis.

The cure for syphilis is Lauric acid and can be found in pure coconut oil.

Read more about Lauric Acid: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lauric_acid

Lauric Acid can be found in coconut oil.

The health benefits of coconut oil include hair care, skin care, stress relief, cholesterol level maintenance, weight loss, boosted immune system, proper digestion and regulated metabolism. It also provides relief from kidney problems, heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, HIV, and cancer, while helping to improve dental quality and bone strength. These benefits of oil can be attributed to the presence of lauric acid, capric acid and caprylic acid, and their respective properties, such as antimicrobial, antioxidant, anti-fungal, antibacterial and soothing qualities.
Source: https://www.organicfacts.net/health-benefits/oils/health-benefits-of-coconut-oil.html

Lauric acid is a saturated fat. It is found in many vegetable fats, particularly in coconut and palm kernel oils. People use it as medicine.

Lauric acid is used for treating viral infections including influenza (the flu); swine flu;avian flu; the common cold; fever blisters, cold sores, and genital herpes caused byherpes simplex virus (HSV); genital warts caused by human papillomavirus (HPV); and HIV/AIDS. It is also used for preventing the transmission of HIV from mothers to children.

Other uses for lauric acid include treatment of bronchitis, gonorrhea, yeast infections,chlamydia, intestinal infections caused by a parasite called Giardia lamblia, andringworm.

In foods, lauric acid is used as a vegetable shortening.

In manufacturing, lauric acid is used to make soap and shampoo.

How does it work?

It is not known how lauric acid might work as a medicine. Some research suggests lauric acid might be a safer fat than trans-fats in food preparations.
Source: http://www.webmd.com/vitamins-supplements/ingredientmono-1138-lauric%20acid.aspx?activeingredientid=1138&activeingredientname=lauric%20acid

I personally drink coconut oil to protect my nerves from increased action potential in the axons.

Read more:

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Aspertame is useless, use stevia!

There is absolutely no reason to use this toxic chemical when we can use natural sweeteners such as Stevia!

Aspertame can generate methanol by hydrolysis under acidic conditions. Methanol is converted to formaldehyde in the liver. Formaldehyde is not particularly good for you…

Read more about methanol: http://www.methanol.org/Health-And-Safety/Safe-Handling/Methanol-Health-Effects.aspx
Read more about Formaldehyde: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Formaldehyde

Read more about Stevia (The solution): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stevia

I currenly almost exclusively eat candy, if I eat candy, and I rarely do that, sweetened by Stevia. Especially liquirice which has alot of beneficial health effects such as anti bacterial, anti stomach ulcer etc.


A little road trip yields amazingly interesting meetings.

So I was on my way from a short road trip to investigate the possibilities of joining www.kaospilot.dk and if anyone qualifies for Chaos and piloting, its probably this administrator right here. Another intention was to straighten out some gaps in mental condition that had build up after years of cannabis usage, and, the intention to help a friend with some business administrative projects. Drugs are bad mmkay?

On the way home I was listening to music and completely lost track of time and location. I kinda dislike public transportation as there are too many sensory inputs.

Eitherway, I missed getting out of the train in Kolding and ended up in a very dead place called Lunderskov. As I missed the stop I met a man with poor vision, a very inspiring person. He had the train plan in his head and quickly guided me to the right track. He gave me a few pieces of advice on the way and I gave him a few of my carrots. As coincidence would have it, carrots fit perfectly into his plans for evening dinner. Beef Stroganoff we parted ways at the train station. Essentially, that means him leaving and me staying behind to wait for the train. I got bored standing around like a sack of potatoes and started investigating the town. As coincidence would have it, I wandered of to a small shop in town. Guess who I met, the same man again. He told me abit about his medical conditions and his night blindness. The man eventually told me about his cat, he had trained it to guide him to the toilet at night. Apparantly the cat would walk him to the toilet. I never heard about such training of a cat before and found it quite impressive. The guy had no reason to lie and I believe that he was being absolute sincere about it.

Now I kinda want a cat and train it to eat rats! I trained and tamed a wild squirrel to eat my nuts (hoho, please misunderstand this 😉 before so why not do the same to a cat? There are wild cats in the area and I am certain that abit of cream in a bowl will attract it. I will have to negotiate with it though, I feed it cream it brings me dead rats.. Otherwise that relationship wont work. I am kinda resistant to putting out poison for the rats as that could potentially kill my hedgehogs (there are 2, one painted red and one painted blue) Yin Yang in color? hihi. They sleep under the house I am currently occupying, and I need those to eat the killer-snails (Iberian forrest snail) before they chew up all the plants in the garden. Alternatively I would have to put out alot of Sodium Chloride in the garden, but that would cause soil contamination and essentially food contamination. So, nature knows best, those hedgehogs are going to grow to insane sizes when those snails arrive!

In the same town I met a retired policeman. As I was standing on the platform he arrived with his bike. I asked him what he was doing here and he replied: “He was making sure the trains were departing on time.” He explained that he needed abit of diversity from peeling potatoes and other housekeeping tasks and apparantly sat there once in a while to meet interesting people. I being one of the most boring people in the world did not seem to have much effect on him. I asked him abit about his past and why he had retired so early. I think the guy was around 55-60 years old. He explained how he had outlasted several police stations in the area around Lunderskov. Quite interesting. Eventually, I guess he figured out that I was way too boring to talk to anymore and took of with his bike, worrying about the hill climb he had to do with his bike. I offered to push him but he reminded me that “some hills have to be climbed alone” and.. I totally agree with that perspective.

All in all, an accident (stupidity of missing a stop) turned into an interesting trip. All it took was abit of initiative to talk to the people around. If you just stand around glaring for two hours you will miss out on alot of interesting people with important lectures from life!

Eventually I boarded the correct train back to my hometown, donned the earpieces and sunk into the vibrations of music once again.

Lecture of the trip: “If you do not talk to other people, your trip will be boring. Open up and talk, everything will be more interesting!”