Feeling the presence of darkness.

Well, today I was sitting at my usual office location at the local university. Suddenly a guy walked past me, I felt a certain sting around the heart when he walked past me. I did not pay much attention to it untill one of the employees at the university asked me if I had seen a guy walking past here.

I describe the 6 people who walked past my table, I usually don’t miss a thing when I sit there, I sit there, because I am observing behavioural patterns amongst others.

He, the guy in question, had apparantly been quite rude towards some of the employees at the canteen. He had supposedly thrown around with some items and thrown swear words at them.

Not entirely nice behaviour. I still had the feeling around my heart so I told the SDU assistant prof. that I could “feel” that he is still close. Sure enough he came back aproximately 30 seconds after I had released that comment..

The SDU employee was abit surprised when the guy walks into the room.

It turns out he was drunk, and aggressive. Apparantly negativity emotions in certain people makes my heart go crazy… Kinda funny. And also not funny! Not that he can actually touch my heart…


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