Inspire, love, guide.

“When you meet someone who understands you, and you understand them. Hold on to them, it is a gift. It may be scary at first for how unreal it can seem, it is real. However, remember we come in different shapes and sizes and have different mindsets and skillsets. These are complementary.

Once in a lifetime you meet someone you are absolutely compatible with. You will know when you love their natural scent, you can sense it against the wind, you can feel their heartbeat, you can sense their feelings. You feel in heaven when you look in their eyes.

Help them understand themselves, but do not forget to listen to them, they have important things to teach you aswell. Help them realize their true potential and you will find your own.

Your past experiences can be a valuable guide, guide them if they so desire. Maintain your own stability. If you are not effective with yourself, you cannot be effective with others. You may have to commit changes to your lifestyle, give up a few addictions but in the end, it will be worth the effort, they will help you elevate yourself, just listen.”


Beyonće depicts the above as, halo is surely a metaphor 🙂


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