The one who is closest to the end customer always wins!

Well, the above is true, according to a few theories I read.

It is quite logical actually.

Imagine you are running a sandwich shop. You have a few recurring customers and a few randomly popping in ones (The latter being the ones that do not show a consistent pattern of purchasing your Sandwiches.)

Every time one of your loyal customers pop in, you say their name and their prefered dish, kinda like this: “Hi Michael, Vegetarian, large, whole-grain with extra jalapenos?”

The customer replies: “Thank you “INSERT YOUR NAME” as the customer remembers the name of the salesperson responsible for remembering your dish…

“Reciprocation – Influence -Cialdini R. Robert”

What you give is what you get!
You treat your customer nice, you gain customer loyalty. And all those stamp cards will be in vain. Sure they maximize profit, but as soon as you maximize profit, you minimize service and thats where ALL the big IT suppliers failed since 2000… How do I know that? Experience!

If you give your customers a satisfactory experience and make them feel just a little more at home than usual, they will come back each and every time 🙂 Promise!

In this case:
Sille’s Mad
They, in my oppinion make the best sandwiches in Sønderborg. The ingredients are fresh and the sandwich bread is not “like pre-chewed” like in King Kians and Fresh/Subway etc…

Besides, Sille’s does not employ dubious business models where suppliers are willfully not paid in order to ensure cheap products for the customer…

Because, if King Kian can switch supplier as ApS (no liability) and simply not pay them, they can fuck up all the honest competition from people who try to make a honest buck and they try to PAY their suppliers in order to keep them!

Noooo really? Business works this way? Yup….


“Broken Neck” When dreams and “Intuition” go into overdrive and predicts the future Part #4

Well, after Dream #1, #2 and #3 usually comes #4

Dream #4

This dream happened in the middle of March 2015 aproximately march 17th

This dream was the most concerning dream I have ever had. Again it was this red hue over the entire image. However, there was something different about this dream. Someone was dead in it first of all, and secondly the two people (me and a girl) in this 4th dream were not “real looking” they were a “cartoonification” somehow, that is different from dream #1, 2 and 3 where people actually looked like real people and not like cartoon figures like in this dream…

In this dream. I enter the picture with a girl who is not moving at all, sort of like paralysis. It is the same girl as in dream #3 with Michael Jackson and the broken heart.

After I carry her into the room in the dream I put her on a red table.

A voice in the background says “Broken neck” and her head is indeed just dangling from the table as if it has been snapped by force.

The dream/movie then “pauses” as if it is waiting for me to make a decision. “input” data if you will, to decide what her fate would become.

The “me” in the dream just stands there looking at this lifeless girl, then I say, consciously (in the dream) “No, this is not how this is going to end.”

The “me” heals the girl, she looks at the camera, smiles, stands up and dances on the table….

End of dream.

Visually it looked like this: (excuse my impressive graphics capabilityes :p) (I am white, She is blue)






Now, if 3 dreams with “red hue” predicted the future in the past, what do you think I think about this dream? In fact I paniced. At the time I had all of these dreams, I was unaware that the “red hue” was indicator for prediction dreams.

Regular dreams have different coloration. You need abit of data before being able to make that conclusion. 1 dream that is reddish does not make a pattern. 2 makes it a coincidence, 3 is something entirely different. But what?

Besides, the dream was abit offset from the first dreams due to the cartonish features the characters in the dream have.

The girl in the dream was indeed the same girl from the previous dreams. And by now I am really starting to wonder, why does she pop up in my dreams 3 times in a row? And this time a terrible dream?

As I was so concerned with the symbolics in this dream, and due to the harsh nature of a dead girl being in my dream, I did not initially talk to her about it, I simply did not want to instill a fear in her that something bad would happen. I had paranoia enough for 10 people over this dream and she had exams and other things to do than to be troubled by some idiots wicked dreams..

Somehow, since middle of march felt that I had to do something in order to prevent this “future effect” Just like the other dreams, this was percieved as a warning. Since I did not see the cause for the effect (broken neck) there was little I could do to prevent it. I simply needed more data to compute what it was I had to do to keep her from breaking her neck. It also contained data about dream #5 which was even worse than #4.

I had written on a sticky note, a brief breakdown of what happened in the dream.
“Michael carries **** paralyzed to a healing altar”

In the dream, the altar is simply a table, but I suspected, and thus interpreted, due to my newfound healing abilities, and due to the action of healing her inside the dream, that it was some kind of “healing altar” or “table” to lie down on during healing, chakra balancing or whatever else a healer does. “Altar” makes it sound so occult though, but I have no experience with occultism at all.

The effect and the cause
May 1st 2015 I decided to confront my own fears about this dream. I decided to make the girl aware that I had the dream. I grabbed the sticky note with the outline of the dream plus some healthy food advice and some theory on karmic bonds and telepathy between two people.  (stuff i would have laughed about 6 months prior) All in all, she got 10 sticky notes with advice on how I believed she could avoid getting into this issue.

It felt abit odd for me to do such a thing, because first of all, I was not 100% sure if the dream was actually a premonition, a nightmare or someone elses dream that I somehow unknown to me, had tapped into somehow. There were descrepnancies in the dream (cartoonification) that lead me to think, this dream is not my own.

Sadly, she did not remember having read the notes and that friday evening, and one week later a week later after the accident, she writes me that she finds some of the notes “odd” specifically the one with the healing altar. Well… dear girl, we already talked about that one when I handed it to you and I specifically stated: “We need to talk about this,it is important I do not know entirely what this means!”

I give her the 10 sticky notes first, then we speak a while and I give her the last one with the dream on it. She takes it quietly, I give her a purple paper umbrella and tell her “you can stay under my umbrella” which was a metaphor for: “Don’t worry, I am on the case trying to solve the problem” Coincidentially, the Rihana song with those exact lyrics started playing in the club… Kinda confirming my suspicioun that there was some problem coming to her that I had to take care of. I don’t know what did go through her mind, but she did not acknowledge the umbrella at all, she looked at it and put it on a table and left to talk to some other people. Baffled as I found this rather peculiar and fairly rude.

So why me? Well, thats too theoretical to get into at current time. None the less, nothing would please me more at that time than to see her safely through this. Little did I know that I would fail horribly.

May 2nd 2015
The accident

I was at a drinking/sporting event for the 15th year in a row. I arrive relatively early and while everyone else is doing sports, we, some friends and I are sitting around drinking beer in a big cozy circle.

At some point I am fetching beers, and outside the tent, the girl is sitting. I deliver a sticky note and a piece of a mountain. It was at the time meant as a symbolic present. Mountains often have been told to have “magical” healing properties.

As she was with friends visiting her from far away, I decided not to linger around and left after dropping the rock.

At some point later I see a glimpse of the girl from the dreams. I see her fall down from a car from a distance of 200 meters or so.

My heart skips a beat as I see her fall.. Is that how she would break her neck? I stand up ready to run to check up on her, but she get’s back up like a star, kicks the car and resumes dancing. PHEW! I thought for a moment – the dream is canceled, she will be fine!

Abit later, I see her again, this time she is standing right outside one of the appartments that I briefly visited that day. She was doing handstands with some friends. It triggers a thought in me: “Handstand – Pineal gland” Why it triggered that thougt, I did not know at the moment, but once i read this it became clear:


Sirsasana is one of the most important asanas in yoga. It revitalizes the entire body and stimulates the mind.

Headstand ensures a proper blood supply and stimulates the pituitary and pineal glands in the brain, glands that are responsible for growth and sex hormones. Our growth, health and vitality depend on the proper functioning of these two glands that control the chemical balance of the body.”

It was not the first time this girl had triggered a thought in me by her actions or her words that was related to something important that I was working on or reading about. So I did not really ponder much about why their headstands had triggered that thought, but more “what does it mean this time?”

As i left the appartment, heading towards the group that I was initially together with, the girl and her friends had vanished even though I wanted to go say hi to them. Oh well, I will meet them all at some other time so I continued back to the group I was with.

When I reach that location, I suddenly feel very dizzy and felt that it would be very much safer to just stand still for aproximately two hours… In fact I was absolutely unable to willfully move anywhere… it was as if I myself somehow had become paralyzed….

After what seems like 2 hours, an accaintance comes to me and starts talking about someone getting picked up by an abulance, I inquire who the person is and he describes the girl from my dream. He tells me that she had a ball hit her head and she collapsed.

Suddenly I can move again. Like a bat out of hell I start moving towards where I suspect her to live. There are 8 big appartment blocks and I know she lives in the Southern part, so that leaves 4 blocks to cover.. I ask some friends if they know where she lives and if they know if she is allright, noone knows anything and everyone is drunk.. much to my anoyance.

I end up figuring out where she lives by reading through the names of 63 mailboxes in 3 blocks before I find the right one. I go knock on the door, maybe there is something I can do to help, pain relief, healing, whatever it would take. Afterall I recently became a “Paladin” with “lay on hands” healing powers. 

At the door I am met by a very sleepy roommate (I accidently woke her up). I ask her if her roomate is there and if she is okay. She knows nothing about the whole ordeal so I did not get much smarter. I haste the 3km’s home, call the hospital and find out that she is alive, but is complaining about a headache and neck pain. So far so good, internal cheering up started happening.

After effects:
May 10th
Well, I ended up not seeing the girl, nor talking to her for a weeks time untill she reads the sticky notes which she finds “odd” Honestly, I found them odd myself (it was only my 4rd “future” dream) but rather risk being classified as delusional and insane (thinking you can predict the future) than running the risk of not preventing an accident happening to a friend that could otherwise have been prevented. I failed at prevention though.

Any rational person would consider what just happened here, very odd. I myself consider it very odd. I have little experience with future predictions. I went into thinking mode… and thinking mode is not always good. I wanted answers and I wanted them now.

-Why am I dreaming future of this person?
-What is it that is so important about her that it has to turture my sleep?
-Why me, It’s not that I enjoy seeing people hurting..
-Why do things have to be so complicated that when you talk about it, you are labeled almost insane?

I mean, I had a doctor friend asking me if this person really existed.. Apparantly he was thinking that I had an “imaginary friend” He wanted to see pictures, he wanted her name. Things that are irrelevant when you are in “listen as a friend” mode, but relevant if you are “listening as a doctor of medicine, specifically psychology and you are diagnosing someone”

I did not want to  give him that name or anything else, so he put up an ultimatum: “if we are going to talk about these dreams and this person, I want a name and a picture.”

I was in utter disbelief of that ultimatum. It got even worse when he asked me if any of my friends knew her. I told him yeah, many of them do. He then said: “Then I will just talk to your friends about her then to confirm she exists..”

I was dissapointed, turned around with a 50% ballet spin and left him where he stood.

Personal integrity maintained!

When dreams and “Intuition” goes into overdrive and predicts the future Part #2

In the first Dream from July 2013 I had a dream that warned me about the Boss of a company being corrupted. Missed out on Part #1? Read it here

Dream #2
Dream #2 is a dream about myself. I wake up dreaming that someone is stabbing me in the left side around the spleen. This dream occours Saturday December 6th in the morning after having been to Tutten (a local student bar) and subsequently a local bar. In that bar I meet a female friend, and, as fate would have it, she became the main Character of dream #3, #4 and #5, more about that later. So, the bottom line of dream #2 is, I get stabbed in the spleen, and i wake up gasping for breath. I write this to a friend December 6th 2014 in a facebook message. dreaming2

The 7th of December I end up in the hospital with sharp pain in the location I dreamt. It was located very close to the heart/spleen. movicol

When dreams and “Intuition” goes into overdrive and predicts the future Part #1

Just like the post about me becoming a Paladin, that realization was abit much to deal with emotionally. The dreams I have are also something out of this world… they sent my mind into extreme overdrive…… Much more than the sudden onset of ability to heal people.

In 2013, my company was hired to do a job for UseITcard Ltd. in London, UK. I moved there and I was responsible for designing and implementing IT Infrastructure for a mastercard provider (a bank, technically)

Dream #1:
At some point during late July 2013, I had a dream that I found abit peculiar. It was “different” than a normal dream. It was kinda like watching television, however there was a strange red glow around the television. A glow that would also permiate into the actual video feed and create a reddish overlay over the entire image. This fact became important later, to figure out what these dreams mean.

In the video, I see myself enter a server room. Specifically the server room where the development servers for the UK project are located.

The servers in the dream have water hoses going into them and out the back of the servers is a small waterfall. The owner of UseITcard Ltd. is sitting, in the dream, in the room just grinning.


When I woke up, I could not shake the idea that the owner of the company I was working for was up to no good. He did not care about the servers in the dream. That was the message that the dream was trying to show me by using a metaphor.

The logic goes as follows:
A boss of a company depending on IT server A+B+C will not sit there quietly and laugh about them being filled with water. Water destroys IT servers and if the destruction of the servers can be laughed about, they have no value and no purpose, thus he obviously did not care.

This was the first time I had a dream of this type.

1½ months later, I find myself sitting in Denmark, in a basement, literally homeless, the guy from the dream had run of with the servers, sold all the assets and moved to Bulgaria with his new wife. (He betrayed his Danish wife and ran of with a new one, so much for loyalty and integrity…)

The conclusion:
The dream warned me of impending disaster.

I mention this dream in the following chat conversation with one of the Project Managers on the Useitcard Project. He is also a personal friend thus the non-professional side-conversation.

I refer to “people have stopped pouring water in our servers”
What had happened was that the UseITcard boss had forgotten to pay server hosting fees for other servers that were required for the project. Please notice the datestamp of July 20th 2013


The problem was, noone was really done pouring water in our servers. The boss, as previously mentioned, ran away with everything coming September 2013. The dream was a premonitive metaphorical warning of things to come, but unprecise.

I mention the dream again much later in December 2014 when I once again have a dream of that type. Again to the close friend and previous project manager.


How you magically and mystically become a Paladin overnight.

184px-Lay_on_Hands(506)Yes, this is crazy… How does someone turn into a Paladin? To be honest, it beats me… I don’t know… But it happened..

How it happened? I went to bed and woke up…

Sometime in the middle of February 2015 I woke up, with wierd skills equalling that of a Paladin from World of Warcraft.. and how fucked up is that? That’s not how reality works is it? I mean, im an IT-engineer…. healing is far from related…

I talked to a guy, Kieran, who had some problems with his achilleus tendons. They were too short and thus he could not bend his foot properly. Essentially, he had a “high heel foot” posture naturally. He had gone through 4 operations to alleviate his symptoms. None of them had worked.

The name of his condition: Cerebral Palsy

I decided, that through meditation, I and two other people should attempt to “lay on hands” on his achilleus tendons, do something that I later found out was called “Reiki healing” and essentially just generate more “tendons” out of the blue air. Essentially, creating matter out of nothing. That was at least what I asked the two others to visualize in their minds eye. Coincidentially, particles can appear out of nowhere according to quantum physics, so why not just imagine some to help them “appear”? Totally wacko and sick idea, I know.. but it worked!

30 Seconds later, I asked Kieran to stand up and walk normally on the one foot we had healed. To my surprise, it worked… I was mindblown, how the…. did that happen?

I can tell you this much, I have spent untill August 2015 getting my mind wrapped around this mindboggling phenomenon… It drove me nuts at times and it occupied alot of my thoughts.

Alot of other wierd things happened that also troubled my mind for some months, essentially, march, april, may, june were pretty hefty and pretty wierd “magical” months causing alot of mental stress. Paranormal stress? Not sure… but a wicked ride it was!

The past 2 months “normality” has restored and so has my emotional state. When something happens to you, and you don’t understand entirely why it happens and what it is that is happening, you start wondering alot..

A few weeks after the first healing session, I tried remotely, a 3,7 km distance to a Girl with shoulder pain… That also worked.. I was mindblown again.

So essentially I was mindblown aproximately every week for half a year… too much!

kieran heal


What is Schizophrenia? A theory.

Well, Schizophrenia has been an interesting topic recently so I decided to make a mindgame out of it for myself. I am not a medical professional and I do not have access to patients other than the ones I meet on occasion.

One must first watch this video and extract the theoritecal concepts to work with this theory otherwise it is super insane, i know 🙂 ^^ 

“Time is what keeps everything from happening at once.” -Wheeler

###ADDENDUM 18052018
A contemporary definition is given by O’Brien (2017) as follows: “Archetypes are universal organizing themes or patterns that appear regardless of space, time, or person. Appearing in all existential realms and at all levels of systematic recursion, they are organized as themes in the unus mundus, which Jung (1970 Vol. 14. Mysterium coniunctionis. (1970), p. 505) described as “the potential world outside of time,” and are detectable through synchronicities”.[25]

Essentially the postulate is that schizophrenics see everything happening at once at the electron level. Thats the theory at least 😀 Another theory within this theory is that the personaly floats with electrons in (groups) somehow and thusly the mind gets garbled up and creates “word salad” in some patients and multiple personalities in others. Apparantly this happens when experiences cannot be integrated fast enough into the “self” this could be localized or global complex event.

I theorized at some point that Schizophrenia is caused due to the ability of electrons to travel asymetrically through time, thus the amount of realities inside ones head exeeds one and they seem to be fighting for dominance.

Why electrons? Well, because the nerves/axons in your brain essentially is the equivalent to an electrical wire. They transport electrons to open and close gated ion channels in the brain. Where there is current there is Electromagnetism. (EM)

CEMI field theory. could potentially be a valid theory so we use the “gist” of this theme to continue the theory.

Typical configuration for a scizophrenic patientint is 2, 4 or 12 different personalities/realities

After coming up with the above insane theory, I decided to field test it.
Theoretically, a Schizophrenic persons “realities” or personalities should originate from different times in the patients life. Even the future.

This is where things get tricky. We know from physics that Electrons have mass and mass exerts gravity. Gravity between electrons, due to their time-assymetricality also move through time. So, in theory, once schizophrenia has been established, more electrons from past and future could be absorbed into the axons and dendrites, thus creating even more realities which makes it worse, and that is bad because it would appear to be a positive feedback loop 😦

I speculated back in December 2014, that Schizophrenia would happen if you increase your own potential. It is only part of the story. There is more to it than pulling electrons through time.

The Patient:
Patient: male aproximately 50 years of age. Diagnozed with Schizophrenia. 3 personalities.

The Test:
The test was simple enough. I would ask him a few questions about where he comes from. which is a scientific completely invalid method of doing things, I know..

I asked him:
“Are you from the future?”
He responded “yes”
Immediately the “now” personality, the one who truly belongs inside him at present time, took over and he started asking me questions about my car and other things he knew about me. (I met him for the first time in 2008)
Abit later in the conversation he looked at me as if he had never seen me before. (past personality pre-2008. The time where this personality was before he met me, thus this personality would logically not know who I am and thus be scared of me, especially if the personality is from childhood. if the theory is correct to some degree at least.

You have to imagine, from his mental perspective, I am talking to 1 out of 3 people at a time, while 1 of them is talking, the other 2 are quiet (They cannot see me and cannot hear me). But he can switch between the personalities quite rapidly. This leads to “word salad” where the conversation seems to be inconsistent.

So imagine this, the person physically standing in front of you speaks to you, he claims to be from the future. Suddenly the “present” personality takes over and we have a relatively normal conversation. Then the child takes over, and from his perspective, I have just “appeared” out of nowhere, talking to him… I appear to him as a stranger. The memories of the conversation I had with the “future” is not transmitted to the “present” self and the memories of the conversation I had with this person in the present will never reach this “past” self. confusing shit…

Simultaneous experierence with other person

I had similar experiences with a girl. A few times she outrightly denied things had happened, almost took offense when I stated: “But you did say those things… / … but you did do those things..” Either she was lying, trying to cover up her wrong-doings or, a diffrent personality had created the issue and now i was talking to an alter who knew nothing of what the other personality had done. It was very wierd and very confusing to talk to this girl after realizing this pattern.

It was so confusing in fact that I at one time had to ask her if she smoked weed at work or was super drunk because it seemed to me that she had blackouts from those nights. Things that happened a day she was working seemed to not exist in her memory. Eventually, I became affraid of saying anything that was related to any conversation I had previously had with this girl. She would often wonder how I knew things about her. To me this was ponderous, because she had told me things herself. She just did not remember having done so.

The worst incident of such type was shortly after easter 2015. She had told me she would go on holiday. After the holiday, I naturally asked how the holiday went. She got upset that I knew about her holiday, even though she had told me twice. First in private, secondly while addressing a public gathering, making people aware that due to holiday she would not be present the next two weeks. Yet she unhappily argued with me, that she had NOT told me and seemingly was of the belief that I had spied on her or something to obtain the information.

Events like these stacked up and eventually formed a thick red rope, not a yellow thin line.

It started in February 2015 when I cracked a joke at her, one of her personalities is quite cocky and humerous so it seemed fitting, however, that day it was a mistake. She ended up calling me arrogant, turned around and walked away. When later addressed about it she denied it. She was completely surprised about her own ability to do such a thing and really seemed to not know..

I have never experienced anything like this before or after. It was mindboggling confusing and I started to doubt wether my own memory was flawed and had generated those “events” but it was not the case.

I tried amongst others, to create memory “hook-points” by giving her items. I would be able to relate a conversation to “that day when I gave you…..” to hopefully trigger the memory. That did not work. At all. One day she suspected an item to be a bomb..

Other times, before I noticed this pattern of bad memory, she would often be greeted by people passing by. A few times she would look puzzled and ask: “Do I know this person?”

I hope this girl is smoking a shittonne of weed and that this behaviour is a result of that abuse. Otherwise, she seems to have a difficult life.


How getting lost is the best way to find home.. even with a GPS in the car??

I was driving from Banstead (Greater London) to Gatwick Airport one day, usually a 30 minutte trip down the A217 then onto M25 east until M23S I believe. It was evening and the sun was going down. I had a GPS, but I had not programmed the course. I never do that… here is why..

After a very uneventful trip and me, not getting lost one single time! picked up the intern at Gatwick, we got into the car and started heading towards Banstead. Again without turning on the GPS.

This time, however we got slightly lost and missed the exit on M25W towards A217 and well, eventually I had the Intern all over me with requests about turning the GPS on.

I denied it, no GPS! We got more lost and ended up driving in what I believe was a circle in Reigate – which at first glance seemed to be a pretty nice place.

Continuing in our “getting lostness” we got more and more lost. More GPS pestering began from the intern, I again refused stubbornly.
Eventually We ended up in Banstead without the use of GPS.

Well, alot of men have probably been asked this question: “Why are you not using a GPS?” by women and other people who do not understand exactly what you are doing.

Here are some very valid and reasonable answers to that question:
-By getting slightly lost, we also explore the surrounding area preparing for other situations in the future.
-For every road we know already, we find 10 ways on and of that road in case of a required detour.
-Should we ever have to deviate from the course, and go somewhere in the middle, without a GPS sometime, we will have better understanding and knowledge of the roads around us in order to find home or safety, and quite possibly, lead YOU home or to safety aswell!

Now to the big question… WHY do men go through all that?
-Because we are Alpha males, we lead the pack, and if we need to lead the pack through something, we better damn well know where we will be leading them! Most people break down and cry when they get lost. Not us, we take charge and lead the way!

The cab driver that drove me to Heathrow Airport told me: He would often get lost back in his early days of driving in England, (He came to England from India 15 years ago), and thus learning alot of side-roads that most people don’t know about. This has helped him greatly during his years as a cab driver, because he could circumvent queues on the M25 or anywhere else in London.”

I guess he took charge, and did a bit of long term planning. Now he is reaping the rewards.