The one who is closest to the end customer always wins!

Well, the above is true, according to a few theories I read.

It is quite logical actually.

Imagine you are running a sandwich shop. You have a few recurring customers and a few randomly popping in ones (The latter being the ones that do not show a consistent pattern of purchasing your Sandwiches.)

Every time one of your loyal customers pop in, you say their name and their prefered dish, kinda like this: “Hi Michael, Vegetarian, large, whole-grain with extra jalapenos?”

The customer replies: “Thank you “INSERT YOUR NAME” as the customer remembers the name of the salesperson responsible for remembering your dish…

“Reciprocation – Influence -Cialdini R. Robert”

What you give is what you get!
You treat your customer nice, you gain customer loyalty. And all those stamp cards will be in vain. Sure they maximize profit, but as soon as you maximize profit, you minimize service and thats where ALL the big IT suppliers failed since 2000… How do I know that? Experience!

If you give your customers a satisfactory experience and make them feel just a little more at home than usual, they will come back each and every time 🙂 Promise!

In this case:
Sille’s Mad
They, in my oppinion make the best sandwiches in Sønderborg. The ingredients are fresh and the sandwich bread is not “like pre-chewed” like in King Kians and Fresh/Subway etc…

Besides, Sille’s does not employ dubious business models where suppliers are willfully not paid in order to ensure cheap products for the customer…

Because, if King Kian can switch supplier as ApS (no liability) and simply not pay them, they can fuck up all the honest competition from people who try to make a honest buck and they try to PAY their suppliers in order to keep them!

Noooo really? Business works this way? Yup….

How getting lost is the best way to find home.. even with a GPS in the car??

I was driving from Banstead (Greater London) to Gatwick Airport one day, usually a 30 minutte trip down the A217 then onto M25 east until M23S I believe. It was evening and the sun was going down. I had a GPS, but I had not programmed the course. I never do that… here is why..

After a very uneventful trip and me, not getting lost one single time! picked up the intern at Gatwick, we got into the car and started heading towards Banstead. Again without turning on the GPS.

This time, however we got slightly lost and missed the exit on M25W towards A217 and well, eventually I had the Intern all over me with requests about turning the GPS on.

I denied it, no GPS! We got more lost and ended up driving in what I believe was a circle in Reigate – which at first glance seemed to be a pretty nice place.

Continuing in our “getting lostness” we got more and more lost. More GPS pestering began from the intern, I again refused stubbornly.
Eventually We ended up in Banstead without the use of GPS.

Well, alot of men have probably been asked this question: “Why are you not using a GPS?” by women and other people who do not understand exactly what you are doing.

Here are some very valid and reasonable answers to that question:
-By getting slightly lost, we also explore the surrounding area preparing for other situations in the future.
-For every road we know already, we find 10 ways on and of that road in case of a required detour.
-Should we ever have to deviate from the course, and go somewhere in the middle, without a GPS sometime, we will have better understanding and knowledge of the roads around us in order to find home or safety, and quite possibly, lead YOU home or to safety aswell!

Now to the big question… WHY do men go through all that?
-Because we are Alpha males, we lead the pack, and if we need to lead the pack through something, we better damn well know where we will be leading them! Most people break down and cry when they get lost. Not us, we take charge and lead the way!

The cab driver that drove me to Heathrow Airport told me: He would often get lost back in his early days of driving in England, (He came to England from India 15 years ago), and thus learning alot of side-roads that most people don’t know about. This has helped him greatly during his years as a cab driver, because he could circumvent queues on the M25 or anywhere else in London.”

I guess he took charge, and did a bit of long term planning. Now he is reaping the rewards.