How you magically and mystically become a Paladin overnight.

184px-Lay_on_Hands(506)Yes, this is crazy… How does someone turn into a Paladin? To be honest, it beats me… I don’t know… But it happened..

How it happened? I went to bed and woke up…

Sometime in the middle of February 2015 I woke up, with wierd skills equalling that of a Paladin from World of Warcraft.. and how fucked up is that? That’s not how reality works is it? I mean, im an IT-engineer…. healing is far from related…

I talked to a guy, Kieran, who had some problems with his achilleus tendons. They were too short and thus he could not bend his foot properly. Essentially, he had a “high heel foot” posture naturally. He had gone through 4 operations to alleviate his symptoms. None of them had worked.

The name of his condition: Cerebral Palsy

I decided, that through meditation, I and two other people should attempt to “lay on hands” on his achilleus tendons, do something that I later found out was called “Reiki healing” and essentially just generate more “tendons” out of the blue air. Essentially, creating matter out of nothing. That was at least what I asked the two others to visualize in their minds eye. Coincidentially, particles can appear out of nowhere according to quantum physics, so why not just imagine some to help them “appear”? Totally wacko and sick idea, I know.. but it worked!

30 Seconds later, I asked Kieran to stand up and walk normally on the one foot we had healed. To my surprise, it worked… I was mindblown, how the…. did that happen?

I can tell you this much, I have spent untill August 2015 getting my mind wrapped around this mindboggling phenomenon… It drove me nuts at times and it occupied alot of my thoughts.

Alot of other wierd things happened that also troubled my mind for some months, essentially, march, april, may, june were pretty hefty and pretty wierd “magical” months causing alot of mental stress. Paranormal stress? Not sure… but a wicked ride it was!

The past 2 months “normality” has restored and so has my emotional state. When something happens to you, and you don’t understand entirely why it happens and what it is that is happening, you start wondering alot..

A few weeks after the first healing session, I tried remotely, a 3,7 km distance to a Girl with shoulder pain… That also worked.. I was mindblown again.

So essentially I was mindblown aproximately every week for half a year… too much!

kieran heal


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