What is Schizophrenia? A theory.

Well, Schizophrenia has been an interesting topic recently so I decided to make a mindgame out of it for myself. I am not a medical professional and I do not have access to patients other than the ones I meet on occasion.

One must first watch this video and extract the theoritecal concepts to work with this theory otherwise it is super insane, i know 🙂 ^^ 

“Time is what keeps everything from happening at once.” -Wheeler

###ADDENDUM 18052018
A contemporary definition is given by O’Brien (2017) as follows: “Archetypes are universal organizing themes or patterns that appear regardless of space, time, or person. Appearing in all existential realms and at all levels of systematic recursion, they are organized as themes in the unus mundus, which Jung (1970 Vol. 14. Mysterium coniunctionis. (1970), p. 505) described as “the potential world outside of time,” and are detectable through synchronicities”.[25]

Essentially the postulate is that schizophrenics see everything happening at once at the electron level. Thats the theory at least 😀 Another theory within this theory is that the personaly floats with electrons in (groups) somehow and thusly the mind gets garbled up and creates “word salad” in some patients and multiple personalities in others. Apparantly this happens when experiences cannot be integrated fast enough into the “self” this could be localized or global complex event.

I theorized at some point that Schizophrenia is caused due to the ability of electrons to travel asymetrically through time, thus the amount of realities inside ones head exeeds one and they seem to be fighting for dominance.

Why electrons? Well, because the nerves/axons in your brain essentially is the equivalent to an electrical wire. They transport electrons to open and close gated ion channels in the brain. Where there is current there is Electromagnetism. (EM)

CEMI field theory. could potentially be a valid theory so we use the “gist” of this theme to continue the theory.

Typical configuration for a scizophrenic patientint is 2, 4 or 12 different personalities/realities

After coming up with the above insane theory, I decided to field test it.
Theoretically, a Schizophrenic persons “realities” or personalities should originate from different times in the patients life. Even the future.

This is where things get tricky. We know from physics that Electrons have mass and mass exerts gravity. Gravity between electrons, due to their time-assymetricality also move through time. So, in theory, once schizophrenia has been established, more electrons from past and future could be absorbed into the axons and dendrites, thus creating even more realities which makes it worse, and that is bad because it would appear to be a positive feedback loop 😦

I speculated back in December 2014, that Schizophrenia would happen if you increase your own potential. It is only part of the story. There is more to it than pulling electrons through time.

The Patient:
Patient: male aproximately 50 years of age. Diagnozed with Schizophrenia. 3 personalities.

The Test:
The test was simple enough. I would ask him a few questions about where he comes from. which is a scientific completely invalid method of doing things, I know..

I asked him:
“Are you from the future?”
He responded “yes”
Immediately the “now” personality, the one who truly belongs inside him at present time, took over and he started asking me questions about my car and other things he knew about me. (I met him for the first time in 2008)
Abit later in the conversation he looked at me as if he had never seen me before. (past personality pre-2008. The time where this personality was before he met me, thus this personality would logically not know who I am and thus be scared of me, especially if the personality is from childhood. if the theory is correct to some degree at least.

You have to imagine, from his mental perspective, I am talking to 1 out of 3 people at a time, while 1 of them is talking, the other 2 are quiet (They cannot see me and cannot hear me). But he can switch between the personalities quite rapidly. This leads to “word salad” where the conversation seems to be inconsistent.

So imagine this, the person physically standing in front of you speaks to you, he claims to be from the future. Suddenly the “present” personality takes over and we have a relatively normal conversation. Then the child takes over, and from his perspective, I have just “appeared” out of nowhere, talking to him… I appear to him as a stranger. The memories of the conversation I had with the “future” is not transmitted to the “present” self and the memories of the conversation I had with this person in the present will never reach this “past” self. confusing shit…

Simultaneous experierence with other person

I had similar experiences with a girl. A few times she outrightly denied things had happened, almost took offense when I stated: “But you did say those things… / … but you did do those things..” Either she was lying, trying to cover up her wrong-doings or, a diffrent personality had created the issue and now i was talking to an alter who knew nothing of what the other personality had done. It was very wierd and very confusing to talk to this girl after realizing this pattern.

It was so confusing in fact that I at one time had to ask her if she smoked weed at work or was super drunk because it seemed to me that she had blackouts from those nights. Things that happened a day she was working seemed to not exist in her memory. Eventually, I became affraid of saying anything that was related to any conversation I had previously had with this girl. She would often wonder how I knew things about her. To me this was ponderous, because she had told me things herself. She just did not remember having done so.

The worst incident of such type was shortly after easter 2015. She had told me she would go on holiday. After the holiday, I naturally asked how the holiday went. She got upset that I knew about her holiday, even though she had told me twice. First in private, secondly while addressing a public gathering, making people aware that due to holiday she would not be present the next two weeks. Yet she unhappily argued with me, that she had NOT told me and seemingly was of the belief that I had spied on her or something to obtain the information.

Events like these stacked up and eventually formed a thick red rope, not a yellow thin line.

It started in February 2015 when I cracked a joke at her, one of her personalities is quite cocky and humerous so it seemed fitting, however, that day it was a mistake. She ended up calling me arrogant, turned around and walked away. When later addressed about it she denied it. She was completely surprised about her own ability to do such a thing and really seemed to not know..

I have never experienced anything like this before or after. It was mindboggling confusing and I started to doubt wether my own memory was flawed and had generated those “events” but it was not the case.

I tried amongst others, to create memory “hook-points” by giving her items. I would be able to relate a conversation to “that day when I gave you…..” to hopefully trigger the memory. That did not work. At all. One day she suspected an item to be a bomb..

Other times, before I noticed this pattern of bad memory, she would often be greeted by people passing by. A few times she would look puzzled and ask: “Do I know this person?”

I hope this girl is smoking a shittonne of weed and that this behaviour is a result of that abuse. Otherwise, she seems to have a difficult life.



2 thoughts on “What is Schizophrenia? A theory.

  1. Hi there! I found your writings very interesting as I’ve been working on a novel with similar plot lines for some time now. Most of my background research has dealt with the neurological substrates by which we perceive time.
    I am curious about your use of the word ” personalities ” in describing people diagnosed with schizophrenia. Isn’t such language usually used to describe issues with those diagnosed with Dissociate Identity Disorder? I don’t know if this is just a syntactical confusion or deliberately means more? Would love to hear more from you regarding this matter. Best wishes, Clint Taylor


    • Hi Clint, thank you for your comment. Identity might better explain what I mean by personality. Dissasociation was in this case, quite present. It was very hard to keep up with “who this person is” it got so confusing that I had to disconnect. There were paranoid delusions aswell where the person thought I would be attempting to kill her and what not… For my own saftey, I had to get as far away as possible. She will be out of my life/city in aprox. 1 year and I can take my life back and go the places I used to go, without fearing some wacko woman coming up with wierd delusions of prosecution, which might put me in a position i do not like to be in with the legal system.


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