When dreams and “Intuition” goes into overdrive and predicts the future Part #1

Just like the post about me becoming a Paladin, that realization was abit much to deal with emotionally. The dreams I have are also something out of this world… they sent my mind into extreme overdrive…… Much more than the sudden onset of ability to heal people.

In 2013, my company was hired to do a job for UseITcard Ltd. in London, UK. I moved there and I was responsible for designing and implementing IT Infrastructure for a mastercard provider (a bank, technically)

Dream #1:
At some point during late July 2013, I had a dream that I found abit peculiar. It was “different” than a normal dream. It was kinda like watching television, however there was a strange red glow around the television. A glow that would also permiate into the actual video feed and create a reddish overlay over the entire image. This fact became important later, to figure out what these dreams mean.

In the video, I see myself enter a server room. Specifically the server room where the development servers for the UK project are located.

The servers in the dream have water hoses going into them and out the back of the servers is a small waterfall. The owner of UseITcard Ltd. is sitting, in the dream, in the room just grinning.


When I woke up, I could not shake the idea that the owner of the company I was working for was up to no good. He did not care about the servers in the dream. That was the message that the dream was trying to show me by using a metaphor.

The logic goes as follows:
A boss of a company depending on IT server A+B+C will not sit there quietly and laugh about them being filled with water. Water destroys IT servers and if the destruction of the servers can be laughed about, they have no value and no purpose, thus he obviously did not care.

This was the first time I had a dream of this type.

1½ months later, I find myself sitting in Denmark, in a basement, literally homeless, the guy from the dream had run of with the servers, sold all the assets and moved to Bulgaria with his new wife. (He betrayed his Danish wife and ran of with a new one, so much for loyalty and integrity…)

The conclusion:
The dream warned me of impending disaster.

I mention this dream in the following chat conversation with one of the Project Managers on the Useitcard Project. He is also a personal friend thus the non-professional side-conversation.

I refer to “people have stopped pouring water in our servers”
What had happened was that the UseITcard boss had forgotten to pay server hosting fees for other servers that were required for the project. Please notice the datestamp of July 20th 2013


The problem was, noone was really done pouring water in our servers. The boss, as previously mentioned, ran away with everything coming September 2013. The dream was a premonitive metaphorical warning of things to come, but unprecise.

I mention the dream again much later in December 2014 when I once again have a dream of that type. Again to the close friend and previous project manager.



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