When dreams and “Intuition” goes into overdrive and predicts the future Part #2

In the first Dream from July 2013 I had a dream that warned me about the Boss of a company being corrupted. Missed out on Part #1? Read it here

Dream #2
Dream #2 is a dream about myself. I wake up dreaming that someone is stabbing me in the left side around the spleen. This dream occours Saturday December 6th in the morning after having been to Tutten (a local student bar) and subsequently a local bar. In that bar I meet a female friend, and, as fate would have it, she became the main Character of dream #3, #4 and #5, more about that later. So, the bottom line of dream #2 is, I get stabbed in the spleen, and i wake up gasping for breath. I write this to a friend December 6th 2014 in a facebook message. dreaming2

The 7th of December I end up in the hospital with sharp pain in the location I dreamt. It was located very close to the heart/spleen. movicol


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