When the nightmares stop!

Well. Since sometime in February/March I have had hefty hefty nightmares. Mostly involving people I know getting into shitty situations.

Once a while, the dreams would depict the future somehow. But not all of them and initially I had no idea how to discern between nightmares and “premonitive dreams”

A natural herb, namely cannabis had to be smoked in order to kill the dreams so I could sleep.

I reluctantly stepped down from “sleep medicine” and I am now starting to dream again.

My first dream after “turning off the OFF switch” was no nightmare. It was a recapitulation of the time when I went to my 2nd dancing lecture. In the dream I was proudly showing my “excelent *COUGH*” and newly learned dancing skills.

Much better than dreaming of people in car crashes, plane crashes, breaking necks and whatever else was thrown at me from February to aproximately a week ago. (I tried stopping the cannabis intermittently in that period, but the bad dreams would stress me out.

Happy about positive dreams!

“I’m just one hundred and one, five months and a day.”
“I can’t believe that!” said Alice.
“Can’t you?” the Queen said in a pitying tone. “Try again: draw a long breath, and shut your eyes.”
Alice laughed. “There’s no use trying,” she said: “one can’t believe impossible things.”
“I daresay you haven’t had much practice,” said the Queen. “When I was your age, I always did it for half-an-hour a day. Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.

Through the Looking-glass – Lewis Caroll


Telepathy, Quantum entanglement, Whats the deal here?

December 2014, Telepathy seemed to be crazy talk…. It still kinda feels crazy to talk about it, but fun, none the less. But the fun changed to astoundingness over the next few months..

Required to understand:

It was not untill I experienced some really wierd “coincidences” with some people that I found telepathy a “possibility”

I tried the normal trick: “write numbers between 1-6 on a piece of paper and have your friend guess what numbers you wrote.”

He “guessed” 6 numbers in a row, which has a 0.012 % chance of happening, but it also only happened once and could be a *”cluster” of datapoints. We were however, not particularly methodical about the following attempts.

We could only do it once and it was done on purpose, we tried it again and again over a few weeks and failed. I tried with other people aswell. I tried with the girl in the examples below and she also failed at guessing the numbers.

None of the below examples had any “intention” behind them, it just kinda happened spontaneously out of the blue which made it all abit of a spooky experience.

Example 0a
A friend of mine and I talk about Norway. He states at some point: “There is something magic about the north”
Later, same day, I go to a bar. The Bartender and I speak about the north. She utters the words: “There is something magic about the north”

Directly following this example, Example 1 happens… on the same day.

Example 1.
Friday, 28th of February I obtain a Purple “Spectre” Zippo lighter.
Later same day, I go to a bar and while talking to the bartender about something different than the lighter, she suddenly utters: “I was thinking: PURPLE!”

I show her the lighter which she finds remarkably cool, and I comment on the coincidence of the lighter being the color she was thinking of quite funny.

Example 2.
Some random Thursday, after example 1 had taken place, I look at a friends keychain, It says: “Follow This car, I am C.I.A – Charming Intelligent attractive”

I find the keychain cool and traded my friend for it. After the trade is completed, the keychain vanishes as through magic. I mean.. we were standing around a ping pong table when the trade was done. It cannot fall anywhere out of sight, yet it did seemingly dematerialize. I was puzzled and intent on finding it. It was nowhere to be found and after a few minuttes I gave up. Bad trade… Now my friend has a keychain and I don’t oh well 😀

Friday I go to SDU, paint a smiley on a Lemon and write CIA on the opposite “side” of the lemon.

A girl I know comes to my table, same one as example 1, I ask her if she likes “Mr. Lemonhead” and if she has any clue what CIA means..

She says “Charming-Intelligent-Attractive”…….
Uh? 3rd or 4th time with same person? Is a pattern developing?
… where are the hidden cameras?

I change it to CIA-M to add abit of mystery and magic 🙂

Example 3,5:
April 11th. A friend of mine is having a party. I attend this party and meet a few old friends and make a few new ones. Earlier that day I had been reading about Ra and his wife Hathor, and how Hathor had been symbolized by two green feathers in Egyptian Mythology.

So at this party a girl arrives. She has three green feathers in her ears. I find it abit funny, and think to myself: “Would have been spooky if it had been two feathers..”

An hour later, the girl from all the examples here appears with two green feathers in her ears….. Im like… okay! This is ridicelous!

Example 4:
April 12th I wake up at a the above mentioned friends place. Borrowed his couch after a night out.

I wake up in the morning, and tell his room mate on her way out: “Try something new today!”

I venture into town to obtain some food. At some point I get a 20 DKK coin with a ship on one side.

I intuitively think to myself: “Hmm.. someone is going travelling.” (not knowing who someone is or what the destination is or why I should even make that connection with a simple coin..)

I obtain a 20 DKK coin abit later. It has a church on it.
So, this time I think, AHA!!!.. Someone is going travelling to church!

Later same day, I obtain a coin with the danish prince and pricess. It is their anniversay coin. It signals marriage.

In my intuitive moment I finalize the “story” and it goes like this:
Someone is going travelling, to church to see a wedding.

On my way to a friends place, I pass a huge church, and the second I walk past it… DING the churchbell tolls… Creepy!

17th of April, the girl from example 1-4 visits me at my table at SDU and starts telling me that she has found out that she can go to her friends wedding.. (something had previously prevented her from going, but the issues had resolved)

So I guess I somehow “recieved” this information? It is statistically impossible to have 4 random “coincidences” between the same two people in a “telepathic”-ish way while at the same time coins are interpreted simultaneously to predict a future conversation topic with the exact same person. The spookyness kinda increased a notch here. But it was still fun.

Example 4.5:
April 23rd 2015
I am studying about Egyptian mythology (again), namely the Sun god Ra and his wife Hathor. I am speculating how they relate to Ancient Sumerian Inanna/Isthar and Tammuz. And also some Capiro “shining the light” which was related to the sun and mirroring between people.

Girl pops up at my table. We talk about different things, not so much the egyptian mythology. We in fact make fun of the “pleadian prophecies” depicting that those who do not stop self-destructive behaviour should be destroyed by the pleadians.
None the less, she suddenly utters a sentence that is completely beyond the scope of the conversation, but completely in line with the exact research I was doing up untill I started talking to her.

She says: “I was thinking something, The sun as a mirror.”

Example 5:
I am sitting around at a table in my usual location. The introteam is selling tickets for something infront of me. Suddenly a friend writes something interesting at 12:19

It is interesting, because the exact moment he finishes the message with the dots counting to 5, the girl from all the examples arrives. I go on to talk to her untill I reply to the guy.

Puzzling really! In fact it crept me out abit! What kind of magic is that guy using?!? I went along with it and attempted to understand what had just happened.

Example 5.1:
I am sitting quetly at my table at “the office” while doing some research. Suddenly I have a desire to stand up from my table (i dont even consciously know why) but I take two or three steps forward and stand in front of my table. The girl from ALL these examples opens a door and slides into the “office” Yeah.. that just had to happen aswell…

I talk to her a few days later and explain to her that I actually find that abit spooky, if she asked me to do that. Her answer was, nothing :p She is having fun with it and it is fun 🙂

“Where the hell did you come from? You are a different kind of fun…”
-Kelly Klarkson.

That single line seemed appropriate to quote 🙂

Example 6:
I am writing with girl from 1-5 on facebook, and suddenly she starts talking about palmas and how impossible they are to grow in Denmark… Coincidentially I just bought a pair of sandals that week, they have a picture of palmas on em, and also, I made a candle out of a coconut… Coconuts usually hang around on palmas.. at least, untill they don’t..

Example 7:
Some Thursday/Friday In the middle of May, I am awoken at 01:00 exactly, by a sharp sting on my foot. I ponder.. what the f*** is going on? and check my foot. Feels and looks abit like a burn mark, but I don’t smoke cigarettes in bed while I sleep… I felt something was wrong though..

I try to fall asleep again and I ask myself “Who the f* is doing this to her?” in my minds eye pops up the outline of a face of a guy from SDU that I had been talking to a few times previously. The image was black and white. It was very clear to me who the image was supposed to represent.

Friday morning I start heading towards SDU and I see the girl from the previous examples and the guy that appeared to me in my head, bike towards SK as they cross my path near Sundsmark on my way to Uni. My mind starts reeling, because this is just too unreal to be real and why the f*ck is it happening? and How?

Example 7,5:
I stand around outside the uni, smoking. Some people are having exams. A white 12 on black background pops into my head. I return to my table. 30 minuttes later. The same girl arrives, she just had exam, I ask her what grade she got… I expected a 12 this time… I mean… come on, now that we are on a streak, why not continue?

She said: “12”

Very intersting! But then again, I wished a 12 for her.

Example 7.6
I am visiting a friend at UK, we are fixing his bike. Prior to that I attempt to ask the girl telepathicly “come to UK, michael is there” I forget that I did that though. Suddenly she comes around the corner with her laptop in hand…. I was quite surprised!

Example 7.7
I stand around at the beach waiting for my 45 minute late friends. I decide to try again, and ask the girl “telepathicly” Go to the beach. She comes with her boyfriend. In the distance I can hear her telling him “That’s him!” to which he responds, thats creepy and almost does not want to move past me. Neither of them say hi or anything. This was after i predicted she would get into an accident and warned her about it.

Example 8:
This example is timewise out of order with the numbering
One sunday evening, I sit around in my appartment. After example 1+2+3+4+5 and a few other coincidences, I decide to investigate these funny coindicenes further and I attempt to send the girl from examples a “telepathic message” to wear something red to UNI in an attempt to see if “telepathy” is real or what the f*ck is going on, because I need to stop passively sending out the shit I am reading :p So first time and only time i try consciously (without her knowledge) to connect telepathically with her, it appeared to work.. Keep in mind, She failed the numbers test from above, but, does that matter?

I suspected the girl in question to wear her red pants as i had seen her in such a few times, Instead she trops up in a red jacket for the first time that semester… That was a tremendously interesting result, scary and interesting at the same time.

Example 9.
Around november/december 2914 I develop an insane craving for jalapenos.  I eat an entire jar, if not two pr. day. Before that I might have consumed 1 jar pr. year!

I explain to a common friend that I had this strange addiction because I was having lunch and had one plate filled with jalapenos and one with mixed salad. She says:” You can ask “the girl from all the above examples” about that.” I Inquire why that is so. She says that her pet’s name is jalapenos… I utter the words: “why am I not surprised?” quite odd.

—————————————————————————I explain to her that I tried to send her a message to wear red and she did. She replies on facebook “OMG ABUSE!!!!”

I sit to myself and laugh abit at her, because, she was the first one who did it with the Lighter and the CIA badge… :p

Maybe that was the reason, that I in February already told the girl… “you know this..” and “I cannot hide anything from you” even though I had absolutely no rational explanation for why she should know anything at all or why I should even want to hide anything… But that was before “telepathy” was discovered to be potentially real.

Such events are seemingly caused by spooky action at a distance. I do not understand the full extent of this and how this can be possible between two people, but it is extremly interesting!

Even though I understood that it was theoretically possible due to my knowledge of quantum physics, I was mindblown for several weeks, analyzing the implications of such connection. Where is my privacy suddenly? Can she see through my eyes?
Can I see through hers? Can we send each helpful messages? Can we sense when the other is in trouble? Can I help her cheat on her exams without anyone ever being able to prove it? Would be awesome would it not? 😀

Needless to say, all of this shit was wierd and totally against my beliefs!
It got scary when I had a dream of the girl in question hurting her neck. At a sporting event some time after the dream, She does hurt her neck during a headstand as someone fails to grab her feet. Concussion and whiplash to follow :/
I wrote a brief description of the dream on a sticky note to remember it. I gave it to her the day before the accident.

You can read about that dream here:

….Mind boggling, creepy, fantastic, sad, terrible all at the same time.
For quite some time I was thinking.. I am going insane, I am still dreaming… Wake me up someone? But, unfortunately, when I slapped myself, it hurt, so I guess I was still awake :/

Spooky Action at a distance / Quantum Entaglement:

IWDD explains this in his video: