Pacifying a violent man – That’s the kind of Magic Michael can.

This story was retold to me by the bartender Rasmus of Heidi’s Beerbar in Sønderborg.

I was wasted that day and have poor memory of the event, but apparantly that did not keep me from working my magic on someone who was excessively violent on that day.

Here is how the story was retold to me:

Saying hi to a friend and Bartender at Heidi’s Beerbar. He opens up telling me how cool it was that I hypnotized and completely pacified some guy who was in a fight last weekend. (I dont remember it, i was drunk)

Apparantly I “told” him, to go sit down, relax completely and await being picked up by the police. So he did, if I got the story right.

I do remember the part where the police tried to move him and he was not particularly fond of that. He was still stuck in hypnosis and I had to go tell the police, sorry, I gotta wake that man up, I hypnotized him. I snapped my fingers and awake he was, ready for the police to take him away 🙂

Peace restored,
Admin happy 🙂

Admin helps guy quitting cigarettes with Hypnosis.

Well, it is not that I really planned to become a hyponotizer or whatever such people are usually called, yet I somehow ended up becoming one anyway.

It started one innocent day at my previously favorite bar, Havana (It’s closed now, and I found a new fav.) There were not too many people around, and a guy was standing next to me while I was hanging out in the bar talking to one of the bartenders. I ask him, not really sure why, but I do: “Do you want to quit smoking?”
The following conversation amounted:

Admin: “I might be able to help you to quit smoking. I have helped a few other people with other problems recently, so it might work against smoking aswell. Wanna give it a shot? It wont cost you a thing.”
Man: “Oh man if that works i will be forever grateful!”
Admin: “Allright, lets do this then…”
Admin: “I need you to close your eyes and breathe deeply. Inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth and notice that the air you inhale is colder than the air you exhale. (I kinda copied that from my first and only meditation class back in January or February.)

The guy starts doing what I ask him to do and I place my hand on his shoulder. But somehow I dont “feel” it, whatever that means (I never did something like this before, so how should I know how it should feel? *Intuition*)

A few weeks prior to this particular event, one of the bartenders in said bar inspired me to grab a candle to “extract energy” from it. All she did in reality was to hold her hands around the candle as she had cold hands I placed my hands around hers and I told her: “that’s a good idea…” She said: “What is?” to which I responded: “to take energy from the light, maybe I can use that in healing so I won’t get super tired like I did the previous few times.” It worked, I tried it later, no tiredness.

Funny enough, this girl seemed to be teaching me stuff without knowing it herself.

Back to the smoker guy..

I put my hand on one of the lights in the roof, and put my hand back on his shoulder and asked him to close his eyes again.

I think to myself: “holy shit, thats alot of power, now it will surely work..”
I tell him: ” When I snap my fingers, you will take a cigarette from your pack, go outside, light it up, taste it and conclude that this is the worst shit you have ever tasted and you will cough and feel ill for a few seconds. Subsequently you will never want to smoke again and you will hand me the rest of the pack.”

I snapped my fingers… guy goes out the door. I curiously follow him to see what would happen. He lit it, tasted it, disliked it, tossed it, coughed and grabbed a nearby pole as if he did not feel well. After 5 seconds he recovered, put his hand in his pockets, grabbed his pack of cigarettes and gave it to me. Awesome! Free cigarettes!

We spoke about what had happened, and he told me that the first time (without light) he felt nothing, but with light, he felt alot differently. Kinda wierd…. I find it wierd!

I don’t know if the man smokes today, in fact I don’t even remember what he looked like, but I hope it worked 🙂

How to wake up your friend with style, while practicing wu-wei.

Well, back in December  2014 I moved into a friends appartment for a while. Alot of storms were announced and I was not sure the wooden cabin I was living in at that time could withstand the brunt of the storm. So, I took refuge at a friends appartment. Little did I know that I would end up staying there untill March 1st.

At some point in January or February 2015, I had been invited to a meditation class. I had never attempted to meditate before this. It would appear to me as a waste of time to sit around for 2 hours to do absolutely nothing. I mean shit… I usually can’t sit still for more than a few seconds at a time before something MUST happen, otherwise I get bored…

Anyway, i went there. While I was sitting there with closed eyes some symbols started to appear seemingly on the inside of my eyelids. They were “a cogwheel” “a large white 2D heart drawing” “a mitochrondria”

I was puzzled by the appearance of these shapes. They were kinda on a black background as everything is black with eyes closed… Quite logical, but the shapes were white.

I found that entertaining and continued meditation at my friends place. At that time I apparantly only required 2-3 hours of sleep pr. day, so at night I would try out various meditation practices.

A guy had adviced me to try to meditate to some of my favorite music… So I gave that a shot and uhm… the result was kinda wierd, mindboggling and just plain unreal…

At around 3:00 AM at night, I decide to meditate to Dream Theaters “The great Debate”

I sit there on the floor with my laptop in front of me and a candle while having earplugs with the music in my ears… would be silly to stuff em up my nose anyway… so ears it was!

After 3-5 minuttes of me just sitting absolutely quietly in a totally dark room (apart from laptop and candle) I can hear the wooden floor creek and feel it vibrate. My friend awoke in the next door room.

Friend: “What are you doing?”
Me: “I am meditating, why do you interupt me?”
Friend: “What was that?”
Me: “What was what?”
Friend: “My entire room lit up”
Me: “I dont know man, I just sat here, i’ve seen nothing.”
Friend: “But how could you not have seen that?”
Me: “I dont know man, my eyes were closed and i am not even in your room….”

Well, add to list of wierd stuff happening: “Shining a white light, lighting up an entire appartment.” it was one of the first REALLY wierd things that happened to us.

Completely impossible to light up that entire appartment with a laptop monitor and a candle. So, it was time to search for answers and oh boy did I find them! More about that later. The funny thing is, the song I was meditating to had the lyrics: “Do we turn to an unearthly Guide or all the white coat “heroes” trying to find a cure?Turn to the light, don’t be freightened of the shadows it creates.” -Dream Theater The great debate.