How to wake up your friend with style, while practicing wu-wei.

Well, back in December  2014 I moved into a friends appartment for a while. Alot of storms were announced and I was not sure the wooden cabin I was living in at that time could withstand the brunt of the storm. So, I took refuge at a friends appartment. Little did I know that I would end up staying there untill March 1st.

At some point in January or February 2015, I had been invited to a meditation class. I had never attempted to meditate before this. It would appear to me as a waste of time to sit around for 2 hours to do absolutely nothing. I mean shit… I usually can’t sit still for more than a few seconds at a time before something MUST happen, otherwise I get bored…

Anyway, i went there. While I was sitting there with closed eyes some symbols started to appear seemingly on the inside of my eyelids. They were “a cogwheel” “a large white 2D heart drawing” “a mitochrondria”

I was puzzled by the appearance of these shapes. They were kinda on a black background as everything is black with eyes closed… Quite logical, but the shapes were white.

I found that entertaining and continued meditation at my friends place. At that time I apparantly only required 2-3 hours of sleep pr. day, so at night I would try out various meditation practices.

A guy had adviced me to try to meditate to some of my favorite music… So I gave that a shot and uhm… the result was kinda wierd, mindboggling and just plain unreal…

At around 3:00 AM at night, I decide to meditate to Dream Theaters “The great Debate”

I sit there on the floor with my laptop in front of me and a candle while having earplugs with the music in my ears… would be silly to stuff em up my nose anyway… so ears it was!

After 3-5 minuttes of me just sitting absolutely quietly in a totally dark room (apart from laptop and candle) I can hear the wooden floor creek and feel it vibrate. My friend awoke in the next door room.

Friend: “What are you doing?”
Me: “I am meditating, why do you interupt me?”
Friend: “What was that?”
Me: “What was what?”
Friend: “My entire room lit up”
Me: “I dont know man, I just sat here, i’ve seen nothing.”
Friend: “But how could you not have seen that?”
Me: “I dont know man, my eyes were closed and i am not even in your room….”

Well, add to list of wierd stuff happening: “Shining a white light, lighting up an entire appartment.” it was one of the first REALLY wierd things that happened to us.

Completely impossible to light up that entire appartment with a laptop monitor and a candle. So, it was time to search for answers and oh boy did I find them! More about that later. The funny thing is, the song I was meditating to had the lyrics: “Do we turn to an unearthly Guide or all the white coat “heroes” trying to find a cure?Turn to the light, don’t be freightened of the shadows it creates.” -Dream Theater The great debate.

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