Dual nightmares.

Dream 1:

Setting: Around a hotel or something similar. Big building of glass.
People involved: Two girls (faces not seen clearly) on of their friends (from which the POV originates) and two violent men.
Time of day: Evening/night

The two girls and the guy are on some toilet, the guy is hiding under a sink for unknown reasons. Suddenly two guys come in and pester the two girls. The guy under the sink gets out of hiding and attacks the two men to defend the girls but ends up getting cut in the right thigh with a a broken bottle, Pacifying the two men subsequently.

The three escape and run to some elevator in a hotel/big glass building and that is where the dream ends.

In reality:
*A friend of mine tells me later, after having had this dream, that he dreamt of me getting hurt, cut in the leg with a bottle.

Apparantly alot of people have started dreaming of me.

Same night as my friend tells me about his dream, another friend explains to me how he saw me in a dream and suddenly felt all warm and nice. The moment he sees me, he steps in a dog turd, which was apparantly also nice, warm and wet… HAHA 😀


Dream 2:
Løgumklostervej, Aabenraa.

I sit in my moms car, she is driving. Suddenly she starts steering of the road. Before we get of the road i grab the steering wheel and tell her, You have to stop the car, something is wrong with you. The dream ends as she slams the brake and we come to a stop.


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