Meeting a heroin addict. Interesting experience.

I was out one friday evening with two of my friends. Eventually they get tired and go home. I am also starting to feel tired and decide to walk home myself.

Before I manage to leave the bar, I end up talking to a man who explains to me that he is a heroin addict taking up to 1 gramme of heroin pr. day.

He explains to me how he recently was operated due to a mis-fix where apparantly he hit the wrong vein and needed operation.

I ask him why he decided to do Heroin in the first place. He explains to me that it keeps the “images” away.

Images of his past that come back to haunt him. Apparantly he had participated in cutting of peoples fingers and putting limbs into a wood chipper to dispose of someone. According to his tale, he had previous been a debt collector for some not so nice guys.

Apparantly those images return to haunt him every day unless he does his heroin or methadone.

He explains to me how he currently has extreme withdrawal symptoms as the doctors refuse to believe his story and are taking away his methadone.
Withdrawal symptoms of a heroin addict can kill a person. I decided to see if I could hyponotise the man to not feel the withdrawal symptoms anymore. We also agree that I can film the session, so I did that and now I have a video of me doing “wierd” stuff that up until February I was unaware of being able to do..

I explain to him what I am going to do, what effect it will have and that I am essentially only helping him reprogram himself.

As we start the process, I ask the man to breathe deeply and close his eyes. Focus on his breath and notice the temperature differential between inhaling and exhaling.

I tell him that he will enter a deeper, more relaxed state. He becomes completely pacified and is very very relaxed. Relaxed to the extend that if he relaxed any more than that, he would probably wet his pants.

I find that amount of relaxation intruiging and it occours to me: “oh my god, I have this person completely under my control” a shocking realization. Similar to this incident, which I don’t remember clearly myself.

However, considering that I am fairly sure that I won’t make this man do anything to harm himself or others, I explain to him that his withdrawal symptoms slowly are vanishing and will become progressively less servere over the next two days.

I snap my fingers and explain to him that he will wake up. Nothing happens. I think to myself: “shit, this has not happened before, why did he not wake up?” In slight panic, I snap my fingers again and touch him briefly on the elbow and shoulder. He wakes up. Phew!

He explains to me that he feels alot better now compared to before the session. That made me happy 🙂

I end up getting the guys phone number so I could check up on him later and I leave his place to return home to get some well deserved sleep.

I am starting to ponder abit what things I can and cannot cure… It would appear, that the sky is the limit. To have become a paladin-cleric-wizard “thing/dude” is fairly interesting.

I can still hear my own words from february, when I explain two female friends that “i have seen everything” “nothing really can shock me” I have had to eat those words several times since then 😀

Time to edit the video and possibly post it later.


When the card-terminal wont accept an elderly lady’s card

Well, I was shopping in REMA1000 today, happens once in a while, they have really good offers on organic fruit, much better than what FAKTA can present.

None the less, I stand in line waiting for the lady in front of me to pay her groceries. She puts in her mastercard into the slot of the dreaded cardreader. What happens? It plays a nice melody of “rejection” The guy at the counter asks her to try again, “I have sent the signal” he says. Again, the dreaded melody of rejection permeates the air.

Intuitively and without thinking about it I grab the terminal and tell the two, sometimes, you just need abit of a magic touch.

They look at me as if I am a completely idiot (obviously I am a completely delusional schizophrenic if I believe such things work… but!….) I ignore their stares and ask the lady to try again.

In goes the card, the melody of acceptance plays its noble rhyme and she can finally enter her PIN.

They both look at me, abit surprised. The lady utters: “Hmm, I must say…” and she goes silent, what she wanted to say was: (I must say, I did not expect that to work)

Well, I did not expect it to work either but I wanted it to, so it did work 🙂

“Mind over Matter” “Consciousness over physics”

There is NO 12 chakra system!

Whoever is trying to convince humanity that there is a 12 chakra system for our new “evolved” bodies. I have news for you. Our evolution is not going into a 12 chakra system. It is and always has been the 7 chakra system and even that is a human invention.

Our American “friends” at goldraytwinflames are sitting there conveying bullshit 12 chakra systems that have no precedence anywhere. How are you going to meditate to a system that does not exist? You create it… We are our own creators, we create our reality. What happens if you create something noone else knows about? You force people to listen to your EGO’s desire to create. You are in “control” knowledge is power, so lets just invent bullshit noone understands and then, you got humanity by the balls.

“Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely” – look at you now!

“Reality does not exist until it is observed.”

So I ask those guys at Goldraytwinflames to apologize to mankind for their herecy. Karma does exist as it is so widely accepted and an integral part of the system we live in now. Alot of bad things will fall upon those who create complications for humanitys evolution.

Their deceptive “creativity” displays clearly that they are NOT twin-flames. They are wannabe’s who want to make it harder for you to reach ascension and break the circle of rebirth. This, karma, was also created by ourself, but at least, karma was created to help humans, not make it harder for them!

I actually almost jumped the bandwagon myself….

12 chakra system herby deleted from the akashic records.

When a keypad blocks your way into a Dorm when you want to deliver chocolate.

Well, it was Tuesday, a girl had an accident and could not get out of bed. I felt sorry for her and decided to bring her some Chocolate. Since I had written that Stevia chocolate was healthier than sugar-filled crap chocolate, I decided I wanted to give her some of that chocolate.

But first, of course some wierd stuff had to happen…

I stand around outside SDU, a guy is there making a joint. I had quiet that stuff and did not really want to smoke with him. I told him, nah, im going to deliver a present to someone. But then It appeared to me… If i went there, I could not even deliver it.

I had no idea how to enter the building she was living in. It is protected by a keypad and you have to dial the appartment. Sure, I could hover around outside waiting for someone to open the door, but, I don’t like hanging around that place too much. I almost abandoned the “care package supply drop” because of that. The second I thought “crap, I don’t know the key combination to get in” in my minds eye 4 white letters appeared. I pondered the numbers abit, but decided, allright… lets have some faith, maybe this works?

I went to get some chocolate, walked the 3 km’s to her house and punched in the 4 digits that had appeared to me. A girl answered, it did not sound like her though but like someone else I knew. I asked the girl if she it was “insert name” I asked if she could open the door and she did. I walk to her appartment and meet her and her roommate. I ask if the injured girl is there. They both say no. I explain how their number popped up. I utter: “this is so wierd…” the girl responds “It is not wierd” I ponder why and also ask why she thinks this is not wierd? Instead of answering, she quickly retreats to her room because she has to study… Hmm, thanks for the answer.

None the less, before that, they tell me that the girl who the chocolate was for, was unable to move. Hmm, smart I think, she sent me a number so I can drop it in her mailbox instead of having to get her out of bed to open the door. So I do that.

Till this day I still wonder why the girl who opened the door for me does not find this abit strange.

When someone else touches your heart and heals it.

February 22nd. Sunday. Four days after my 1st meditation ever…

I write a girl I know that, I need to self-heal my heart due to coronary artery disease.
I send her a video for her to look at so she understands what it is. I am not entirely sure why I decided to drop such topic on her. But well, I would not have been able to hide it anyway most likely.

I write her the message with the video around 4pm 22nd of February.

After disconnecting from the chat, I walk around in my friends appartment doing whatever I was doing. Suddenly something/someone tells me “Lie down at 8 PM”

I pondered abit where that voice came from and found it something that “i told myself” somehow.

Some time passes. 20.00 arrives. Suddenly it feels like there is a hand inside my chest messing around with my heart. I had to lie down immediately and thought… allright, I am having a stroke, I will die now.

It started hurting more in my heart and it felt like something was being torn out. After a while the pain resides. A voice in my head says “GIVE THEM TO ME!” I respond “GIVE WHAT TO YOU?!?” I should probably have asked “Who the fuck are you and what are you doing in my head?!?”

Wierd feelings start arising in my root chakra. A tingling sensation, kundalini awakening. At the same time an image appears in my head.

I get very confused by this, because what does this mean? This will be revealed in the next story 🙂 Needless to say, the girl most likely saved my life. Well, I saved hers later, so I guess its 1-1 🙂

I later describe this in a message to someone else.
give them to me
I describe the situation lying on the couch as “meditation”, not sure what else to call it really…

This song kinda popped into mind, only difference is, noone was tearing me apart but putting me back together.

When a coin becomes a dance.

In early june I obtain a coin with special markings on it.

It depicts the H.C. Andersen fairytale “The ugly duckling” I give it to someone I know as birthday present.
The Ugly duckling essentially symbolizes a swan living with ducks. The swan does not fit in. The swan grows up and becomes far more beautiful than all the ducks.

Morale of the story: “Don’t attempt to fit in and you will rise and shine and leave the nest in glory”

Funny enough, 1 month later the person I gave the coin to displays a dance with her friends, which has exactly that theme. Did I know she would? No, not consciously, she never told me. But then again, she often knew stuff I was doing aswell.

She never realized that she “read my mind” several times already in the past, So I was not entirely shocked. There was and most likely still is a “Link” between us that is stronger than between most other people I know.

For instance, something similar happened in April 2015, with the same person.
I (seemingly randomly) get three coins with different Images on them.
-A boat
-A church
-Danish crown prince / princess wedding anniversary coin.

The second I get them in my hand I “know” that it means: “Someone is going travelling (the boat), to church (church) to see a wedding (wedding anniversary coin)
3 days later I sit with the girl from above and she tells me: “I just found out that I could go see my friends wedding afterall..”

I told her…. “You are going to find this creepy” but look at these three coins. I explained to her how I had interpreted and “predicted” that this would happen, but that I had no idea that it would be her. I ended up giving her the anniversary coin, thinking it could be a cool symbolic gift to give someone. In reality, I might not have predicted anything, I guess I just somehow “knew” without really knowing that she was going to see that wedding. I cannot explain how rationally.

Sometime in February 2015 I wrote her: “Soon we wont need cellphones anyway as we can handle it telepathically” I guess I was right about that. How far out it may seem. I have seen proof enough. I initially wrote it as a joke as we both disliked cellphones, and somewhere in “The way of Zen” telepathy is mentioned. A book she curiously also ordered together with 34 other books synchronously with me reading it. Hmm…

When I first realized what Borderline Personality Disorder is

Many years ago, 2005, I met a girl. I’ve ment many, but this one was the worst 😀

Initially she was quite cool, we got along well and we spent quite some time together.
We would often meet up and have some beers. She had an extreme affinity for alcohol, even during weekdays. Something I did not share with her at all. In fact I was very strict about, Alcohol only during weekends. Back then Tutten was open on Thursdays, so Thursday was a weekend day 😀

None the less, she would often invite me over, and if I had nothing better to do i would go there and usually stay for the night.

Lets give her a label: “Diana” even though, that is not her real name.

After a while, half a year or so, things would start to change. People around me started to act rather strange as if they took distance from me. I wondered why.

After a while, some people started to completely ignore me, and I wondered why. I had done nothing to upset them, quite the contrary. None the less, noone ever gave me a reason for their behaviour. But the reasons for their odd behaviour became astoundingly clear over the next year or so.

It turned out that the girl who had been inviting me over on monday 20.00 would write one her friend on ICQ or MSN messenger at 20.05, “Oh god, now he is coming over again… I can’t get rid of him.” Of course, I knew nothing about her secret messages to her friend, who we give the name “Petra”

So, she invites me over and tells her friends that “oh no, now he is coming over again” essentially giving all her friends the impression that I was forcing my company upon her against her wishes. This was however not true.

Another funny thing she did, was, I stayed over a monday, some other guy would stay over tuesday, and I would be back wednesday. I guess she needed a drinking partner for tuesday. I was not aware of this situation till a few weeks after it had happened. But when it happened I confronted her and she appeared completely unable to grasp why that was a bad thing to do. Eventually I got pissed of at her and started to distance myself from her.

The rejection was not something she was able to handle emotionally and she started doing really really wierd shit.

Some weekend after I started to put in distance, she was visiting her parents place 80 km from my hometown. She was supposed to study for exams. What she really did was, having her ex-boyfriend visit her for the weekend. She told him: “If I want to, I can make him come here like a little dog” He told her: “Don’t due that, it is cruel.” She ignored his advice and sent me the text: “My mom has gone crazy and is ripping apart all my homework and assignments, please help!”

Even though I was pissed at her, I had met her mother who was rip raving mad herself,  I could not bring it over my heart to leave her hanging, so I offered to drive the 80km’s to pick her up and bring her back to Sønderborg for safety. We agreed and I jumped into my Supra and more or less made the trip in 30 minuttes.

I loved driving around, and 160km was nothing for me. I would often just put gas in the car and drive around endlessly and aimlessly for 5-6 hours so from my perspective, the 160km drive just changed “driving around aimlessly” to having an actual destination. In essence, I was not doing anything I would not have done otherwise. I loved driving that car.. To provide a frame of reference for what the car looked like. Here is a picture of the car outside HK in 2005, and subsequently the “Cockpit” Most men will understand why driving around is joy not torture 🙂 few women will understand it :psupra3supra

Back to the story. I arrive at her parents place, she comes out to me, essentially crawling out the window, asking me to turn the car of as her parents shouldn’t hear that I was there. I do what she asks, as it seemed reasonable, but she did not want to go back to Sønderborg. Oh well, Guess I could go back to Bronx and start partying.
80 km trip back again, this time in 25 minuttes. CafĂŠen was open at SDU, already back then in 2005 it was my “2nd home”

That was end of that event for now.

A while later. 2-3 weeks after that incidence. Her Ex-boyfriend visits her in Sønderborg. We both get the wierd feeling that she is trying to play us up against each other. Essentially, she wanted me to start a fight with the guy, or the otherway around. She completely fails at her attempt and instead she gets into a verbal fight with her ex-boyfriend. She heads home crying.

After 1-2 hours, he decideds to go check up on her, good man as he was. He asks me to join him. What i witnessed next was unreal. He knocked on her door, they talked abit and suddenly, out of the blue she starts punching him like a cat would fight a dog. He had done nothing to provoke her. Completely bewildered by what was going on, I tried to ask her to stop her attacks, she did not listen. Last resort was to take the beer I had and empty it in her face which got her to withdraw to her room.

We go to my appartment, and since he now does not have a place to sleep, I offer him to borrow my couch. While we sit in my appartment, he explains to me that he was with her back when she claimed her mother had torn up her schoolwork. He explains the whole situation with how she was bragging about how I would come to pick her up. Now I started to get very angry, I felt used and abused.

She left home saturday morning, and the boyfriend and I would cruise around in the supra. We drove to flensburg to pick up his guitar and suddenly I had live band on the passenger seat. We discussed how we could not believe how anyone could be that devious. In the moment of anger that we both experienced, we drove by the house. I slowed down to a complete stop, reved the engine in neutral and dropped the clutch while pressing the brakes slightly. Needless to say, alot of my rearwheel tires stayed behind and we vanished in a puff of tire-smoke at 240 km/h.

A week goes by and I do not hear from her. Eventually we meet and I contain my rage and tell her: “I know you tricked me into coming, I know you were trying to play each other against each other” She of course denied everything, which eventually fueled my anger. I turned my back on her and walked away. Her obscure and insane reality was crumbling down. The web of lies she had weaved were slowly deterioating.

I was walking along the beaches of Sønderborg with an old friend Henrik, and he and I had been discussing this for a while. Suddenly I get an TEXT/SMS: “I know where my moms sleeping pills are and I will swallow them all” Not being a heartless man, and not wanting anyone to die, I discuss the options with my friend, who had only heard my side of the story but never witnessed any of the insanity, thus for him it was hard to relate. He suggest that we take his car and drive there, just to be sure she is not doing anything stupid. The cars were identical (they were the same model, but mine was turbo-charged and I have a heavier foot)

We take the 80 km drive to her parents home only to find her coming out with a wicked grin and laughter on her face. We argue a while about what the fuck she is thinking about, then we decide to head home. For some time, all we could say to each other on the way home way: “How can someone be so insane? What is this shit?”

After having talked to a few of my friends about this, they started to open up and explained to me that she had been secretly telling people that she could not get rid of me. I remind you, she always invited me. And at parties she would come over to me constantly. This sparked wonder in her friends aswell and eventually they confessed that they had been wrong about me. Well, thanks for asking my side of the story before jumping to conclusions.

I later started reading Psychology to avoid getting into issues like this ever again. By reading all of that I ended up in a deep state of depression.
I became highly efficient at detecting descrepnancies in behaviour though!

Here are the symptoms for BPD specifically. I “Bolded” the symptoms she exhibited. Besides that, she was a chronic liar and deeply believed in God as an entity. I find that silly personally.

Signs and symptoms may include:

  • An intense fear of abandonment, even going to extreme measures to avoid real or imagined separation or rejection
  • A pattern of unstable intense relationships, such as idealizing someone one moment and then suddenly believing the person doesn’t care enough or is cruel
  • Rapid changes in self-identity and self-image that include shifting goals and values, and seeing yourself as bad or as if you don’t exist at all
  • Periods of stress-related paranoia and loss of contact with reality, lasting from a few minutes to a few hours
  • Impulsive and risky behavior, such as gambling, reckless driving, unsafe sex, spending sprees, binge eating or drug abuse, or sabotaging success by suddenly quitting a good job or ending a positive relationship
  • Suicidal threats or behavior or self-injury, often in response to fear of separation or rejection
  • Wide mood swings lasting from a few hours to a few days, which can include intense happiness, irritability, shame or anxiety
  • Ongoing feelings of emptiness
  • Inappropriate, intense anger, such as frequently losing your temper, being sarcastic or bitter, or having physical fights


Coming up stories:
-Girl with Dissasociative Identity disorder
-Another Borderline story
-Another girl with Dissasociative Identity disorder with Bi-polar tendencies and paranoia.

This girl is the reason I got an A+ (12) at the university of southern Denmark in my HR examn. I know this  because I never participated in the lectures and never opened any of the books required for the course. I know too much about these subjects I am affraid to say.

In my conclusion I stated that DSM should be part of any HR study as it would become increasingly more important to recognize symptoms of PD’s early in the recruitment due to the cost.