When a coin becomes a dance.

In early june I obtain a coin with special markings on it.

It depicts the H.C. Andersen fairytale “The ugly duckling” I give it to someone I know as birthday present.
The Ugly duckling essentially symbolizes a swan living with ducks. The swan does not fit in. The swan grows up and becomes far more beautiful than all the ducks.

Morale of the story: “Don’t attempt to fit in and you will rise and shine and leave the nest in glory”

Funny enough, 1 month later the person I gave the coin to displays a dance with her friends, which has exactly that theme. Did I know she would? No, not consciously, she never told me. But then again, she often knew stuff I was doing aswell.

She never realized that she “read my mind” several times already in the past, So I was not entirely shocked. There was and most likely still is a “Link” between us that is stronger than between most other people I know.

For instance, something similar happened in April 2015, with the same person.
I (seemingly randomly) get three coins with different Images on them.
-A boat
-A church
-Danish crown prince / princess wedding anniversary coin.

The second I get them in my hand I “know” that it means: “Someone is going travelling (the boat), to church (church) to see a wedding (wedding anniversary coin)
3 days later I sit with the girl from above and she tells me: “I just found out that I could go see my friends wedding afterall..”

I told her…. “You are going to find this creepy” but look at these three coins. I explained to her how I had interpreted and “predicted” that this would happen, but that I had no idea that it would be her. I ended up giving her the anniversary coin, thinking it could be a cool symbolic gift to give someone. In reality, I might not have predicted anything, I guess I just somehow “knew” without really knowing that she was going to see that wedding. I cannot explain how rationally.

Sometime in February 2015 I wrote her: “Soon we wont need cellphones anyway as we can handle it telepathically” I guess I was right about that. How far out it may seem. I have seen proof enough. I initially wrote it as a joke as we both disliked cellphones, and somewhere in “The way of Zen” telepathy is mentioned. A book she curiously also ordered together with 34 other books synchronously with me reading it. Hmm…


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