When someone else touches your heart and heals it.

February 22nd. Sunday. Four days after my 1st meditation ever…

I write a girl I know that, I need to self-heal my heart due to coronary artery disease.
I send her a video for her to look at so she understands what it is. I am not entirely sure why I decided to drop such topic on her. But well, I would not have been able to hide it anyway most likely.

I write her the message with the video around 4pm 22nd of February.

After disconnecting from the chat, I walk around in my friends appartment doing whatever I was doing. Suddenly something/someone tells me “Lie down at 8 PM”

I pondered abit where that voice came from and found it something that “i told myself” somehow.

Some time passes. 20.00 arrives. Suddenly it feels like there is a hand inside my chest messing around with my heart. I had to lie down immediately and thought… allright, I am having a stroke, I will die now.

It started hurting more in my heart and it felt like something was being torn out. After a while the pain resides. A voice in my head says “GIVE THEM TO ME!” I respond “GIVE WHAT TO YOU?!?” I should probably have asked “Who the fuck are you and what are you doing in my head?!?”

Wierd feelings start arising in my root chakra. A tingling sensation, kundalini awakening. At the same time an image appears in my head.

I get very confused by this, because what does this mean? This will be revealed in the next story 🙂 Needless to say, the girl most likely saved my life. Well, I saved hers later, so I guess its 1-1 🙂

I later describe this in a message to someone else.
give them to me
I describe the situation lying on the couch as “meditation”, not sure what else to call it really…

This song kinda popped into mind, only difference is, noone was tearing me apart but putting me back together.


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