When a keypad blocks your way into a Dorm when you want to deliver chocolate.

Well, it was Tuesday, a girl had an accident and could not get out of bed. I felt sorry for her and decided to bring her some Chocolate. Since I had written that Stevia chocolate was healthier than sugar-filled crap chocolate, I decided I wanted to give her some of that chocolate.

But first, of course some wierd stuff had to happen…

I stand around outside SDU, a guy is there making a joint. I had quiet that stuff and did not really want to smoke with him. I told him, nah, im going to deliver a present to someone. But then It appeared to me… If i went there, I could not even deliver it.

I had no idea how to enter the building she was living in. It is protected by a keypad and you have to dial the appartment. Sure, I could hover around outside waiting for someone to open the door, but, I don’t like hanging around that place too much. I almost abandoned the “care package supply drop” because of that. The second I thought “crap, I don’t know the key combination to get in” in my minds eye 4 white letters appeared. I pondered the numbers abit, but decided, allright… lets have some faith, maybe this works?

I went to get some chocolate, walked the 3 km’s to her house and punched in the 4 digits that had appeared to me. A girl answered, it did not sound like her though but like someone else I knew. I asked the girl if she it was “insert name” I asked if she could open the door and she did. I walk to her appartment and meet her and her roommate. I ask if the injured girl is there. They both say no. I explain how their number popped up. I utter: “this is so wierd…” the girl responds “It is not wierd” I ponder why and also ask why she thinks this is not wierd? Instead of answering, she quickly retreats to her room because she has to study… Hmm, thanks for the answer.

None the less, before that, they tell me that the girl who the chocolate was for, was unable to move. Hmm, smart I think, she sent me a number so I can drop it in her mailbox instead of having to get her out of bed to open the door. So I do that.

Till this day I still wonder why the girl who opened the door for me does not find this abit strange.


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