There is NO 12 chakra system!

Whoever is trying to convince humanity that there is a 12 chakra system for our new “evolved” bodies. I have news for you. Our evolution is not going into a 12 chakra system. It is and always has been the 7 chakra system and even that is a human invention.

Our American “friends” at goldraytwinflames are sitting there conveying bullshit 12 chakra systems that have no precedence anywhere. How are you going to meditate to a system that does not exist? You create it… We are our own creators, we create our reality. What happens if you create something noone else knows about? You force people to listen to your EGO’s desire to create. You are in “control” knowledge is power, so lets just invent bullshit noone understands and then, you got humanity by the balls.

“Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely” – look at you now!

“Reality does not exist until it is observed.”

So I ask those guys at Goldraytwinflames to apologize to mankind for their herecy. Karma does exist as it is so widely accepted and an integral part of the system we live in now. Alot of bad things will fall upon those who create complications for humanitys evolution.

Their deceptive “creativity” displays clearly that they are NOT twin-flames. They are wannabe’s who want to make it harder for you to reach ascension and break the circle of rebirth. This, karma, was also created by ourself, but at least, karma was created to help humans, not make it harder for them!

I actually almost jumped the bandwagon myself….

12 chakra system herby deleted from the akashic records.


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