When the card-terminal wont accept an elderly lady’s card

Well, I was shopping in REMA1000 today, happens once in a while, they have really good offers on organic fruit, much better than what FAKTA can present.

None the less, I stand in line waiting for the lady in front of me to pay her groceries. She puts in her mastercard into the slot of the dreaded cardreader. What happens? It plays a nice melody of “rejection” The guy at the counter asks her to try again, “I have sent the signal” he says. Again, the dreaded melody of rejection permeates the air.

Intuitively and without thinking about it I grab the terminal and tell the two, sometimes, you just need abit of a magic touch.

They look at me as if I am a completely idiot (obviously I am a completely delusional schizophrenic if I believe such things work… but!….) I ignore their stares and ask the lady to try again.

In goes the card, the melody of acceptance plays its noble rhyme and she can finally enter her PIN.

They both look at me, abit surprised. The lady utters: “Hmm, I must say…” and she goes silent, what she wanted to say was: (I must say, I did not expect that to work)

Well, I did not expect it to work either but I wanted it to, so it did work 🙂

“Mind over Matter” “Consciousness over physics”


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