Meeting a heroin addict. Interesting experience.

I was out one friday evening with two of my friends. Eventually they get tired and go home. I am also starting to feel tired and decide to walk home myself.

Before I manage to leave the bar, I end up talking to a man who explains to me that he is a heroin addict taking up to 1 gramme of heroin pr. day.

He explains to me how he recently was operated due to a mis-fix where apparantly he hit the wrong vein and needed operation.

I ask him why he decided to do Heroin in the first place. He explains to me that it keeps the “images” away.

Images of his past that come back to haunt him. Apparantly he had participated in cutting of peoples fingers and putting limbs into a wood chipper to dispose of someone. According to his tale, he had previous been a debt collector for some not so nice guys.

Apparantly those images return to haunt him every day unless he does his heroin or methadone.

He explains to me how he currently has extreme withdrawal symptoms as the doctors refuse to believe his story and are taking away his methadone.
Withdrawal symptoms of a heroin addict can kill a person. I decided to see if I could hyponotise the man to not feel the withdrawal symptoms anymore. We also agree that I can film the session, so I did that and now I have a video of me doing “wierd” stuff that up until February I was unaware of being able to do..

I explain to him what I am going to do, what effect it will have and that I am essentially only helping him reprogram himself.

As we start the process, I ask the man to breathe deeply and close his eyes. Focus on his breath and notice the temperature differential between inhaling and exhaling.

I tell him that he will enter a deeper, more relaxed state. He becomes completely pacified and is very very relaxed. Relaxed to the extend that if he relaxed any more than that, he would probably wet his pants.

I find that amount of relaxation intruiging and it occours to me: “oh my god, I have this person completely under my control” a shocking realization. Similar to this incident, which I don’t remember clearly myself.

However, considering that I am fairly sure that I won’t make this man do anything to harm himself or others, I explain to him that his withdrawal symptoms slowly are vanishing and will become progressively less servere over the next two days.

I snap my fingers and explain to him that he will wake up. Nothing happens. I think to myself: “shit, this has not happened before, why did he not wake up?” In slight panic, I snap my fingers again and touch him briefly on the elbow and shoulder. He wakes up. Phew!

He explains to me that he feels alot better now compared to before the session. That made me happy 🙂

I end up getting the guys phone number so I could check up on him later and I leave his place to return home to get some well deserved sleep.

I am starting to ponder abit what things I can and cannot cure… It would appear, that the sky is the limit. To have become a paladin-cleric-wizard “thing/dude” is fairly interesting.

I can still hear my own words from february, when I explain two female friends that “i have seen everything” “nothing really can shock me” I have had to eat those words several times since then 😀

Time to edit the video and possibly post it later.

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