Natural remedy for Pancreatitis

If this works I do not know.., but its something a friend recommended trying to someone else so, I wrote it down.

Sungaze in the early morning hours. Be very very carefull with this! Do not stare directly, circle eyes around it. Most people look down all the time thus the photons only hit the bottom of the retina inside the eye. Thus, look above the sun once in a while so the photons can hit the upper parts of the retina. This will over time increase your sight. When eyes start to water, stop. Rest a few days and start again.

  1. Drink green tea with FRESH ginger. in the morning.
  2. Sungaze in the evening shortly before sundown. Be VERY carefull with this!
  3. Drink green tea in the evening with  tumeric extract. Consume this with black pepper to increase the absorption of tumeric into the bloodstream in the stomach lining.
  4. Consider fasting the majority of the day twice a week. (Fasting increases neurogenesis (generation of brain cells, explained in link below) The brain controls your body. Keep it healthy and your body will be happier.
  5. Attempt to eat several half size meals instead of the regular full sized meals (allow more hunger before starting to eat)
  6. Sleep when tired.
  7. Chew foods more. Smaller pieces = less strain on pancreas. “smaller building blocks to break down”
  8. Find an energy healer to align your energy centers as catalyst for your own self-healing. (Note. An energy healer does not heal, he is the catalyst for the patient to heal themselves)Avoid SUGAR and reduce fructose intake. Insulin production is located in the pancreas. This will reduce stress on the pancreas.
    Avoid ALCOHOL

    Eat alot of vegetables. The top 100 list can be found here: