The mind of electrons.

1. Freeman Dyson Uttered the following words in this quote:
“….Mind is inherent in each electron….…/466596-it-is-remarkable-that-min…

2. “….it was, as if the electron had a mind of its own. As if it knew it was being observed”

The double slit experiment proved this.
Observe current video at the timestamp pasted here. If intermediate information is required to compute the input, please watch the entire video.

3. Electrons can “travel” forwards and backwards through time.

3.5 Ra points out (in 1981) that everything happens at once (time does not exist in a linear fashion) in the following part of the ra material.:

70.12 Questioner: Then what we are looking at is a long path of experience through the densities up to mid-sixth density which are a function totally of free will and result in the awareness of the higher self in mid-sixth density, but since time is illusory and there is a, shall I say, unification of time and space or an eradication of what we think of as time, then, all of this experience that results in the higher self, the cause of evolvement through the densities, is existing while the evolvement takes place, since it’s all simultaneous. Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. We refrain from speaking of correctness due to our understanding of the immense difficulty of absorbing the concepts of metaphysical existence. In time/space, which is precisely as much of your self as is space/time, all times are simultaneous just as, in your geography, your cities and villages are all functioning, bustling, and alive with entities going about their business at once. So it is in time/space with the self.”

Source: L/L Research – Law of One

What does this mean you think?


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