Wow! Just Wow!

An unknown woman does the unexpected. But first, a quote:

Habits of thought are mental magnets that draw you to certain things, people and conditions. Good habits of thought enable you to attract benefits and opportunities. Bad habits of thought attract you to materially minded persons and to unfavorable environments.
Bad habits nourish the tree of unending material desires, while good habits nourish the tree of spiritual aspirations. More and more you should concentrate your efforts on successfully maturing the spiritual tree, that you may someday gather the ripe fruit of Self-realization.
Weaken a bad habit by avoiding everything that occasioned it or stimulated it, then divert your mind to some good habit and steadily cultivate it until it becomes a dependable part of you.

— P. Yogananda

Wednesday evening:
Thinking back to March/April 2015 where I bought a lottery ticket for a woman in a shop she looked really unhappy. The next time I was there, she was still unhappy, I gave her more. She won, eventually but was still unhappy. She never paused to ask why I gave her the tickets. I guess she was used to such things happening 🙂

I thought yesterday evening, why do I not give a ticket to a homeless man, or a street musician?  Because I did not have a lottery ticket to give.

Today, I go to a bar. I meet a woman who gives me a lottery ticket. She says, You look like nice person, so I will give it to you.

Subsequently she explains to me how she has been mistreated by her man the last 5 years, how he abused her credit card and supressed her identity.

I could offer this woman nothing much but my ear.

What this woman did, was beyond amazing.

The lottery ticket will randomly be passed to someone who is in dire need. Hopefully, there is a winner in the reciever. The receiver will be given the opportunity to share the winnings with the initial giver of the ticket.

“Character is what you do for people who can offer you nothing.”

That woman, has character!


February 2015: Are all your hugs special?

“Are all your hugs special?” That was the exact words a girl used when asking me, well if my hugs are special.

I initially just answered a cocky “yes, they are all special” without giving it much thought, because what is special compared to a regular hug? This was in beginning of February where “wierd” started getting “wierder” and slowly throughout march, april, may and June I started to really change my perception of reality and also had to continually evaluate my own sanity.

At some point later, I found out that I could transfer “energy” to other people. The kind of energy that rejuvinates people and or heals them from pain. I found out I could also transfer heat to people who were freezing. (At times, sometimes it worked sometimes it didn’t)

I am starting to ponder, if this particular person could feel that “light” energy/resonance/vibration? before I was even aware of having that energy myself?

What other reasons could there be for asking a man “are all your hugs special?” after recieving a hug? Did it feel special? If so, then if noone else feels them as particularly special, then they were, presumably, only feeling “special” for her in particular. I find that peculiarly interesting for various reasons.

Anyway, I find myself 1½ month later, (end of march 2015) hugging her again and this time intentionally transfered some energy to her, because since last time I found out that I could. This time she said it felt nice and when she was freezing, I could put a hand on her back and warm her up.

Now, from an IT-engineers perspective, who is used to deal with Binary, 0’s and 1’s, all of what I just wrote is absolute nonsense due to impossibility and it troubled my mind as i want answers to everything NOWish.

It doesn’t even stop with this february/march wierdness. In fact it got much more intense along the way as this very  same person would appear in my dreams sending me “messages” or “instructions”.

Needless to say, the last few months I have been putting alot of thought into such funny “incidents” that by themselves mean nothing, but when you zoom out and look at the big picture I gained an interesting perspective.  Curiosity was not the reason for asking. Intuition or a sense of “knowing” seems to have been it. Because, yes, apparantly my hugs are special. But it was unknown to me at the time the question was asked and it is still unknown to me WHY they became more special than they were in the beginning of my life.

What triggers such explosive development of “spirituality” when the only spirituality you’ve ever read is “The way of Zen” By Allan Watts around february-march 2015? At the time the question was asked, that book had not been read through.

What happened next I will save for the next blog post!

Sleeping on Pyramids.

-I have a nifty little wooden box with 5×5 Pyramids on it.
-Inside it is “something” that can rattle around.
-I obtained it January 2015 as a friend explained he dreamt much more with it under his head. Interesting dreams that is.. I did not believe him. Now, half a year later, I do.

I at some point In February ended up meditating upon the wooden box. For some reason it felt right. Whenever I did, I would start shaking/vibrating violently.

I used it for something I really did not know much about the first time February 2015.

I apparantly found it necesary to heal myself (also something I did not believe in in February 2015) by “magical means” by placing a friend on the pyramid-box, grabbing his right hand with my left. Finally, my right hand would be put on my areas of illness.

5 minuttes or so passed, it is unknown really, it was in the middle of the night when drunk. It happened spontaneously due to a catalyst, which is, for the catalyst, private thus cannot be elaborated.

I ended up sleeping with the box under my bed for what seems to be half a year. BAD IDEA!

I read this material aproximately 10 months after obtaining the box:

The first very strange thing that happened, which is abit beyond what I consider normal, is, that I had unhealed heart-issues at that time. Something that was not affected by the previous healing session. I send a video with the description of “coronary artery disease” to a friend at around 16.00 PM. I leave my laptop and facebook and 30 minuttes later, there is a “voice” in my ear stating: “Lie down at 8 O’clock”

Confused as to where this voice suddenly came from, I pondered that abit, forgot about it and suddenly it was 8. A strange pain was in my heart, much worse than normal. I was not lying down as I was instructed to do by “UNKOWN VOICE” But… that quickly changed as I feared for a heart attack. The strange pain/sensation felt like a hand grabbing my heart physically and fiddling around with it.

What happened next was, the pain stopped, inside my closed eyelids the image of the person I had just earlier that day sent the video with information regarding to my condition. That was very strange as the picture/image/hallucination/delusion was a HD picture. I had never had a HD picture just appear inside my head like that.