Sleeping on Pyramids.

-I have a nifty little wooden box with 5×5 Pyramids on it.
-Inside it is “something” that can rattle around.
-I obtained it January 2015 as a friend explained he dreamt much more with it under his head. Interesting dreams that is.. I did not believe him. Now, half a year later, I do.

I at some point In February ended up meditating upon the wooden box. For some reason it felt right. Whenever I did, I would start shaking/vibrating violently.

I used it for something I really did not know much about the first time February 2015.

I apparantly found it necesary to heal myself (also something I did not believe in in February 2015) by “magical means” by placing a friend on the pyramid-box, grabbing his right hand with my left. Finally, my right hand would be put on my areas of illness.

5 minuttes or so passed, it is unknown really, it was in the middle of the night when drunk. It happened spontaneously due to a catalyst, which is, for the catalyst, private thus cannot be elaborated.

I ended up sleeping with the box under my bed for what seems to be half a year. BAD IDEA!

I read this material aproximately 10 months after obtaining the box:

The first very strange thing that happened, which is abit beyond what I consider normal, is, that I had unhealed heart-issues at that time. Something that was not affected by the previous healing session. I send a video with the description of “coronary artery disease” to a friend at around 16.00 PM. I leave my laptop and facebook and 30 minuttes later, there is a “voice” in my ear stating: “Lie down at 8 O’clock”

Confused as to where this voice suddenly came from, I pondered that abit, forgot about it and suddenly it was 8. A strange pain was in my heart, much worse than normal. I was not lying down as I was instructed to do by “UNKOWN VOICE” But… that quickly changed as I feared for a heart attack. The strange pain/sensation felt like a hand grabbing my heart physically and fiddling around with it.

What happened next was, the pain stopped, inside my closed eyelids the image of the person I had just earlier that day sent the video with information regarding to my condition. That was very strange as the picture/image/hallucination/delusion was a HD picture. I had never had a HD picture just appear inside my head like that.


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