Interesting meeting with a man in a wheelchair

I had just finished my routine sandwich pick-up. I was in fact eating the sandwich while walking through central city. A man and his dog came from a side street.

He yelled at me: “When you are done eating that sandwich are you going to throw it away?”
I replied that i was not going to throw it away, I would either eat it all or save it for later.

He made me aware his dog was really hungry. I broke a piece of my sandwich and gave it to the dog.

Next thing I asked the guy if he was hungry the guy said: “I lost everything.”

I gave him the rest of my sandwich which he ate with great delight.

I started listening. He explained how his wife had died from him, how he lost his kids. How he got into an accident that caused him to lose his job as a hairdresser. It was some sort of spinal injury that doctors according to him gave up on. He said, they were empty handed and could do nothing. After to that accident he fell down a ladder which cut open his right leg so also unable to walk.

He explained to me how he was unwilling to give up cutting hair, so since he could not lift his arm, he found an electrical chair that could lift his elbow and then he could cut peoples hair! How genious!

He explained how a new woman had robbed him of his life savings and how his life ended up with alcohol addiction to cope with the issues that rained down on him.

He was in abit of a sad mood in the beginning, but that changed as if by magic abit later.

I started telling him that my last year had also not been entirely normal, and how I had found myself able to do mystical stuff including healing.

I asked him if we should give it a shot. He accepts.

So the funny situation now occours that a young guy is standing with his hand on the back of a significantly older guy  in a wheel chair, in the middle of the pedestrian street of my hometown. Lots of wierd looks to follow :p I move my hand down his spine and dont really “feel it” Now, the picture changed to a young guy having his hand close to the behind of a significantly older guy in a wheel chair.

I told him, its not always instant pain relief, it, the pain my go away over the next days to weeks. I asked him if he felt anything, he described a tingling in his spine. In the lumbar area to be more precise.

I explained to him that the healing had worked and that he was now healing himself from that point on. I explained how the healer (me) does not heal, but that it was just a balancing of energy.

After that odd session he gave me the sprout of a bush. Funny enough I need a new one and a new bush can be grown from the sprouts of another.

We talked for a while longer and it was obvious to me that the guy was in much better mood. In fact we were laughing alot the last few minuttes.

Nice ending of a magnificiently bright day 🙂

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