When books create your reality.

When I told someone that “You create your own (perception of) reality, mostly based on input derived from movies and news” That person forgot, that the novels, or books read also do the same.
Take a person who is excessively obsessed with crime novels and devious criminals, that person will start looking for such “Seek, and you will find.” In the BPD personality, even completely illogical and completely obvious facts of contrary evidence will be ignored. If enough negative material is observed (read), people around the individual will start to be percieved as part of the “bubble of reality” created by reading such books.
It is called “indoctrination” by own free will.
The best example I have to date is a girl I tried to help with some issues last year. When later she was presented with a birthday present, she squirmed around unwilling to open it, fearing it was a bomb. Obviously too many crime novels being read by this individual. I was not amused to be consireded a “bomber-killer”

I am not entirely sure what makes a 20+ year old girl think such things if not for conditioning or schiophrenic paranoia.

The friendship ended due to issues like this and very similar issues. It was not so much the words or the behaviour itself that deemed it best to depart, it was the risk of paranoid rumors running wild that forced me to leave. (I tried the latter before)

It was a hard thing to do, awareness of the persons internal mental torture was evident. It was a sick person being left behind. One could only hope the individual will eventually stop creating fears in herself. Stop  reading books and shaping reality around them.. The most hillarious and tragic thing about this, is the person adviced me: “I urge you to stay connected to reality.”

Well, the person in question knows very well what it means to be disconnected from reality considering the irrational fears of me bringing a bomb to SDU…



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