Karma evening out.

An interesting story about karma came up yesterday. A guy I met was complaining that he had several break ins and theft happened to him all the time. The frequency was so high that he was starting to wonder if someone had targeted him specificly. He had eight break ins and thefts happening to him over the last five years! His neighbours had none in the same period.

I told him it was his karma most likely, something he did not believe in. Neither did I up until one year ago. But it is very simple: “What you do to others you do to yourself.”

It turns out, that in his younger days he, himself had conducted several acts of theft and broke into several homes.  Karma is just balancing itself.

In this case, none of his victims were doing the balancing or the break-ins. What you do to 1 person does not necessarily come back to you through that one person.

If I were to, for instance,  call you an idiot today, someone else might say that to me tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. It will happen, that’s for sure. There is only one thing that can stop it. Forgiveness.

Source: http://www.lawofone.info/results.php?q=forgiveness

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