When a super cheap used car deal appears right when you want it..

Well appart from needing a lawnmover, which was delivered to me two days ago. A deal for a used car popped up. 300 USD for a car that has two years until car inspection. When scrapping it in 2 years I will get 250 USD from the government 🙂 Essentially brining the purchase price for a car with 2 years lifetime down to roughly 50 USD over two years. That’s basicly free 🙂

Going to check it out tomorrow 🙂

Few weeks ago I needed batteries. Suddenly a friend came and told me I could have his 4 deep charge AGM batteries of 90AH each, 1 year old as he was getting new ones…

Those are like 140 USD a piece 😀

Thanks goes to my friend!

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