World of Warships – Ranger Guide

Well, the ranger is the first CV that gets 0-1-3 and 2-0-2

It is ill adviced to use 0-1-3 until you have manual firecontrol, basic fireing training and finally advanced firing training.

It may be tempting to take air superiority, but you will regret that if your fighters happens to be someplace else. Any decent CV player will fuck you up in that case.

The ranger simply cannot stand alone till you get those two skills with pure strike setup and even then the Ranger is in trouble. The same goes for the lexington, it however, is not in trouble.

Currently I have a measly 7 point captain on my ranger and I get sunk constantly unless I bring 2-0-2 which then against leaves little room to make any money.

When you hit 18p on the capt. get air superiority and you can do alot on your own without having a cleveland babysitting you.

So to sum it up:

Strike: Full AA upgrades + captain skills = a ranger that can dish it out and defend against enemy planes.

Fighter/bomber: Full AA upgrades + captain skills = A ranger that can control the enemy and do a decent amout of damage against DD’s unless they have Def. AA upgrades… then you might aswell just go sink yourself. Wargaming screwed you over by giving advanved AA to ships without balancing the CV’s aswell.

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