When clan leaders are more busy controlling than teaching.

I left my clan today. I was kicked and banned from teamspeak for having a funny nickname other than AngryAdm

I was idling in TS in our dedicated AFK channel with muted mic and speakers. and carried the Nickname: “DrunkPersonPilotingACV” which I found quite fitting and entertaining.

-I was not planning to intereact with anyone in the clan at that time.
-I am one of two carrier pilots in the clan and I rarely play anything else.. Dead tell
-I am one of two players from Denmark (team speak shows a nationality flag) Dead tell.

I was then kicked from the TS server by the admin. TS started making noise interrupting whatever else I did which gets very anoying.

I changed my nickname to “IAMAFKSTOPPOWERTRIPPING” as i did not have mic connected and could not go yell at the man… who does seem to have a requirement for players to do all sorts of stuff out of game, so that they can be members in the game.. micromanaging everything, and wanting to do so.

I was then banned from teamspeak a few moments later.

Why did he want me to change my nickname back to my original nickname now that I was not playing with them? If I had done so I would have been poked 10 times by other clannies asking me to join division or what not. My name stated my status! The result= exactly that noone bothered me, and I bothered noone. Starting the game without being on teamspeak is also a problem for the leader… so.!

I left the clan afterwards. This was not the main reason, but a few things have anoyed me with some other members and the chief. So… I am flying the Solo-pirate flag for now 🙂 Yarrr!


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