World of Warships – I quit… it has turned into a money maker.

Update 0.6.3 is a carrier nerf, once again!

Who am I?

I am #37 as of this time in the 6th Season Ranger leaderboard in Avrg. planes destroyed.
I am #22 as of this time in the 6th Season Ranger leaderboard in max planes destroyed
I am #14 as of this time in the 6th Season Ranger leaderboard in max damage caused.
I am #2 as of forever in the FIFTH season, Lexingon in max damage dealt.

-We’re disabling the “Alt”-attack feature for tier IV and V carriers — this change should bring better balance to carriers at lower tiers, where most warships have weaker or non-existent AA defenses

#Morons… that is how it was ships simply did not have AA! The reason CV’s are “overpowered” is because people have developed what is normally considered “skill” now, you leave it all up to an AI… How about having warships just shoot their guns without aiming aswell? It would balance things!!!! Sure….. How about having the automated torpedo lead indicator removed from torpedo capable-ships? ­čśÇ As if…

-Fighters may now be removed from a fight with enemy aircraft via an “Alt” attack — when you withdraw a squadron from action this way, it’ll always lose one aircraft. (This rule will apply to all carriers except Saipan.)

#This will not apply to Saipan? are you kidding me? An already overpowered carrier is being buffed once more? Of course… there would be no incentive to buy that piece of “pay-to-win” shit if you morons didn’t put in more goodies… Where is the skill requirements for playing pay-to-win? Nowhere.. You pay… you win!

-Once a carrier is destroyed, her squadrons will maintain their position after fulfilling a particular order rather than returning to the carrier’s final sinking location

#Hurray! You used logic for once! Not enough to keep me engaged though!

The developers of this game has one thing in mind.. Making money. And that, is a very bad thing! I will not adhere to this bullshit any longer! Feel free to delete my account, you know who I am!

Ranger worst rating ever…

Hmm, yeah, I am having the worst rating ever in the Ranger in Ranked battles.

Why is that so? because I deal very little damage to ships, but I do take out most of the enemys planes. That is what 2-0-2 setup of the Ranger is for.

It labels me as a very bad player though!

Some say, but fighters fighting planes is an automated process. That is incorrect. Strafing is the key here.. If you do not manage to strafe the enemy planes, your ships are fucked. Strafing requires skills, especially with the bugs involved in strafing. I have discussed this HERE

Now to my current stats for today… ┬áRanger (2-0-2) ┬áRanked, Lexington (0-1-3) Random

Sad…bad :p Actually, both are fairly good, however ignore AA skills and state so as they think it requires no skills to shoot down enemy airplanes with airplanes… They are wrong!

Ranger Ranked
ranger bad player

Lexington Random

Had I not wasted my efforts on shooting down airplanes, I might have been abit higher placed than #14 in the ranger sorted after max dam this season..

ranger leaderboard.PNG

In comparison, I was #2 with the lexington last season where I wasted little time with fighters. The ranger though, cannot stand alone, if enemy decides to strike the ranger and I do not carry fighters, I am dead and the next thing that happens is that my teamsmates dies


Gardening with Thermite

I walked past a garden the other day on my way to obtain groceries. In that garden a man was attempting to remove a 50cm diameter tree stump. The last remains of a tree he chopped down last winter. He had drilled a series of holes in it and poured gasoline ontop of it to burn it of. He fared poorly.

I stopped and looked at the stump, I told him, that’s not going to work well. You will need abit more science to remove that without digging it up.

He looked at me, and asked me what could be done.

I told him, obtain 1kg of aluminium powder and 1kg of Rust, also known as FeO, and a strip of magnesium.

He looked at me puzzled and ask me whats that going to end up as?
I said:” it is going to be the same struff they use to weld railroadtracks with… Thermite.”


Thermite burns┬áwithout external oxygen requirements as it is contained in the Rust. It is self-fueling so to say and will burn further down than the gasoline. The gasoline fire will suffocate at a very low depth of penetration. The thermite keeps burning at around 2200C the gasoline fire is “only” around 1500C.

Take heed, it cannot be doused with water! I can burn underwater aswell ­čśë

I hope to find a hole in the ground next time I come around :p