Gardening with Thermite

I walked past a garden the other day on my way to obtain groceries. In that garden a man was attempting to remove a 50cm diameter tree stump. The last remains of a tree he chopped down last winter. He had drilled a series of holes in it and poured gasoline ontop of it to burn it of. He fared poorly.

I stopped and looked at the stump, I told him, that’s not going to work well. You will need abit more science to remove that without digging it up.

He looked at me, and asked me what could be done.

I told him, obtain 1kg of aluminium powder and 1kg of Rust, also known as FeO, and a strip of magnesium.

He looked at me puzzled and ask me whats that going to end up as?
I said:” it is going to be the same struff they use to weld railroadtracks with… Thermite.”


Thermite burns without external oxygen requirements as it is contained in the Rust. It is self-fueling so to say and will burn further down than the gasoline. The gasoline fire will suffocate at a very low depth of penetration. The thermite keeps burning at around 2200C the gasoline fire is “only” around 1500C.

Take heed, it cannot be doused with water! I can burn underwater aswell 😉

I hope to find a hole in the ground next time I come around :p

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