World of Warships – I quit… it has turned into a money maker.

Update 0.6.3 is a carrier nerf, once again!

Who am I?

I am #37 as of this time in the 6th Season Ranger leaderboard in Avrg. planes destroyed.
I am #22 as of this time in the 6th Season Ranger leaderboard in max planes destroyed
I am #14 as of this time in the 6th Season Ranger leaderboard in max damage caused.
I am #2 as of forever in the FIFTH season, Lexingon in max damage dealt.

-We’re disabling the “Alt”-attack feature for tier IV and V carriers — this change should bring better balance to carriers at lower tiers, where most warships have weaker or non-existent AA defenses

#Morons… that is how it was ships simply did not have AA! The reason CV’s are “overpowered” is because people have developed what is normally considered “skill” now, you leave it all up to an AI… How about having warships just shoot their guns without aiming aswell? It would balance things!!!! Sure….. How about having the automated torpedo lead indicator removed from torpedo capable-ships? đŸ˜€ As if…

-Fighters may now be removed from a fight with enemy aircraft via an “Alt” attack — when you withdraw a squadron from action this way, it’ll always lose one aircraft. (This rule will apply to all carriers except Saipan.)

#This will not apply to Saipan? are you kidding me? An already overpowered carrier is being buffed once more? Of course… there would be no incentive to buy that piece of “pay-to-win” shit if you morons didn’t put in more goodies… Where is the skill requirements for playing pay-to-win? Nowhere.. You pay… you win!

-Once a carrier is destroyed, her squadrons will maintain their position after fulfilling a particular order rather than returning to the carrier’s final sinking location

#Hurray! You used logic for once! Not enough to keep me engaged though!

The developers of this game has one thing in mind.. Making money. And that, is a very bad thing! I will not adhere to this bullshit any longer! Feel free to delete my account, you know who I am!

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