Angry will land an Airbus 320 plane. (Passenger lands plane) Part #1 “Precursor”

Well, I am not entirely a pilot…yet, however, I know a great deal about airplanes.

In approximately 3 months, I will test wether or not I am able to land an Airbus A320 without the proper training. Why without the proper training one might ask…

To test the feasability of a passenger with a fligh sim compassion landing a plane. That is the reason. To check if it is possible. I have claimed (without knowing for sure) for 15 years, that I could land a plane if the pilots were no longer available for the job. It is time to put my mouth where my joystick is and actually test that. If you found that sounding abit wrong, I agree with you…

“You known more about these things than 99.9% of the worlds population, and you are still scared of flying?” -Brett the Intern, 2013

I explained to him that It felt like I was wetting my pants aproximately 3 hours, and up ontil the flight occoured…

Abit of history. When I was two years old (1981), I went on an airplane to Malorca.
When I was 15 years old (1994) I controlled a glider (which had an engine) for aproximately 10 minuttes. It kept having an engine, but I controlled the plane for 10 minuttes 😉

Already at that time, I had ample amount of hours on my old C64 with Chuck Yeagers advanced flight trainer, F117 Stealth fighter and alot of other plane related games.

Microsoft flight simulator came along… I went crazy… My room became a cockpit!
My television was removed from its “television position” and used as a monitor. Old keyboards had stickers on them explaining what they do… It looked somewhat like this.. Actually, it looked exactly like this 🙂No automatic alt text available.No automatic alt text available.
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Itteration 17550446 (Lost TV-show reference)

Eventually, I replaced the 40″ and the 20″ with three 24″ I do not have imagry of the 3 monitor setup, I only have imagery of the first two monitor setup, with Saitek pro fligh controls.

It appeared like this: (Please note, this was a tech test, not a flight test, and I am well aware that I am clipping some trees which, would most likely not be survivable)

The setup is run by THREE computers… not one.

-The two monitors displaying the A2A Spitfire is controlled by ONE computer running Microsoft Flight Simulator X
-The laptop displaying the basic instruments (one laptop, one computer :))
-A crap computer displaying the monitor between my legs displaying radar and other stuff the Spitfire did not have 🙂

It looked like this… (Actually, you can wait for that untill part #2) 🙂 or not…